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Why Travelers Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

Social media has made the world a seemingly tiny place, as you can now connect with people on the opposite side of the globe with a single click. Whereas other social media platforms are great for sharing personal updates among your friends and family, LinkedIn serves a different purpose. LinkedIn allows you to project your personal brand to a professional network. As a traveler, you can benefit from this exceptional networking site by taking advantage of LinkedIn’s numerous features. Below are some tips on how to fully utilize the site.

Join Travel Healthcare Groups
This is an excellent way to network with other travel healthcare professionals! These groups provide an easy platform for members to ask each other questions, share experiences, and simply get to know other like-minded people! Are you wondering about where to go on your next assignment? LinkedIn groups give you the opportunity to learn about specific facilities from others who previously worked there. Furthermore, you can discover different area’s highlights to experience on your days off!

Showcase Your Experience
LinkedIn makes it easy to showcase your professional experiences and allows members to provide details from each of their positions. Travelers can share information about their previous facilities, units, and even provide any special recognition or awards they have earned. This gives you the chance to construct a unique personal resume that highlights your strengths.

Connect With Your Recruiter
As a traveler, you have hopefully developed a positive, professional relationship with your recruiter. By connecting with them on LinkedIn, you will not only expand your network, but can learn more about new opportunities! Furthermore, you can connect with their teammates and other healthcare professionals they are working with! LinkedIn has a feature in which others endorse your specific skills and your recruiter would most likely be more than happy to increase your number of endorsements. They can even add a personal recommendation by sharing a testimony to your skill set, work ethic, and any other positive feedback they may have, which your followers will be able to see!

Blog About Your Travel Adventures
Are your best friends tired of hearing about all your exciting adventures as a traveler? Try blogging on LinkedIn, as other travelers or those thinking about traveling can learn from you! You can share photos and your tales from your travels and your experiences might inspire others to take the plunge and hit the road as a traveling healthcare professional! This is a fantastic way to keep an online diary of sorts, so that you don’t forget about all the amazing adventures you have while on assignment!

LinkedIn is an outstanding resource for healthcare staff who are already traveling or those contemplating a future as a traveler. By taking the time to build a LinkedIn profile you will be able to share your personal brand with the world in a professional manner. Whether you’re thinking about taking your first assignment or you’re on your twentieth, take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer for travelers!

Bradley Rediger is an Account Manager for the Nursing division at Aureus Medical Group.


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