The Importance of Mindfulness during Stressful Situations

Stress impacts each of us daily whether it’s in our personal lives, school work, or job. While a little stress can be motivating, too much stress can have unintended negative impacts on both our mental and physical health. It is important that we take time to acknowledge our stress and find healthy coping mechanisms.  

Practicing mindfulness can help you develop skills to manage clinical stress and improve your health; increase overall attention, empathy, and presence with patients and families; and experience work satisfaction.

I am sharing with you two ways to maintain your mindfulness during stressful times:

The first mindfulness tip is to show gratitude for good moments and grace for bad ones. While in nursing school you may have great learning experiences but also may experience moments that might be challenging or stressful and it is important to take time to try to learn from both.

The second mindfulness tip I would like to share is to practice compassion and nurture connections. Having compassion for patients is a huge part of nursing and will serve you well in your nursing career. Connections are also important when it comes to networking with fellow students as well as maintaining connections made during clinicals and with the nursing faculty.

Lastly, you are the nurses of tomorrow and it’s important that while you learn to take care of others that you take care of yourself as well. Stay mindful!

Christina Ewing is a Student Outreach Coordinator for the Student Outreach division at Aureus Medical Group.

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