FAQS: Starting Your Travel Pharmacy Technician Career

By Brady Garza, Social Media Allied Recruiter, Aureus Medical

The need for pharmacy technicians has increased tremendously in recent months and shows no signs of slowing down. With this increase in demand, there’s also been an explosion in the amount of travel jobs in this specialty. Could travel be the right direction for you? As you continue on your career path, here are some frequently asked questions about traveling as a pharmacy tech.

What Experience Is Required?

Aureus Medical Group specializes in staffing pharmacy technicians in hospitals nationwide. Because of this, experience in a hospital is required for us to be a resource in your job search. However, if a pharm tech does not have hospital experience but has had experience in IV distribution, facilities may still consider that person a prime candidate. Sterile compounding is another skill that could help boost your travel resume, however, it’s not required in all facilities.

Are There Required Certifications?

When it comes to pharmacy tech certifications, they’re not required for us to be a resource in your job search, but they do help you beat the competition. Some facilities may require a National Certification, IV Certification, and other such certs, but it’s not a 100% requirement across the board. For those who hold other certifications or are not certified nationally, I suggest being open to multiple locations, so you have a higher chance of landing a travel pharm technician job. And remember, BLS Certification is required for all Aureus Medical travelers.

Do I Need a License in Every State?

The question of state licensing is a tricky one for pharmacy technicians because not all states require one. Some states only need a National Certification or a state license, some states need both, and some just need one active license in the country. For specific locations of interest, I would suggest looking into the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board state regulations to stay up-to-date on the latest requirements for working in that  state.

How Do I Get Started?

If you or someone you know are interested in traveling as a pharmacy technician, you can connect with me, Brady Garza, to get started! I or anyone on the Aureus Medical Team would be very happy to help you find your next adventure and support you along the way. And remember, in case you know anyone who might be a great fit for a career in travel healthcare, Aureus Medical also offers a $500 referral bonus!

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