Nurses Week 2020

Celebrating our Superheroes

Happy Nurses Week!

Every year, the entire country takes the week before Florence Nightingale’s birthday to celebrate our Nurses (May 6-12).  From the first day of nursing school, nurses take a pledge to help others. You willingly choose to take on the daily challenges of improving a patient’s well-being and more recently, fighting against a horrific virus which may put yourself at risk.  You heroically honor the health of your patients as your first consideration.

It goes without saying; the importance of the Nursing profession cannot be shown enough gratitude. We can read the news, we can talk to you daily but we know we can’t ever quite imagine what you experience on your shifts. You are, without a doubt, SUPERHEROES!

Nurses you are selfless, caring, compassionate, and strong. We truly appreciate all of the hard work and sacrifice you exude. Aureus Medical Group takes this week to say THANK YOU!

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