A Respiratory Therapy Traveler Shares His Story

By Brian H., Respiratory Therapy Traveler with Aureus Medical

My name is Brian H. and I am a respiratory therapy traveler for Aureus Medical Group. I had made my mind up to travel back in 2018, but it took a couple of years to pull the trigger. At the advice of a friend who had been traveling for a while with Aureus, I gave Lee a call in early December 2020 to discuss traveling. He was clear, honest, and to the point — and my decision was made. I was contacted quickly by Ali (White), who would become my recruiter, and she presented me with some options. Two weeks later I started my first assignment at a hospital in Peoria, Illinois. This assignment was relatively close to home, which I chose for a little easier transition and to rest my old bones.

My next assignment had me at a hospital in Urbana, Illinois. A little further away and at a larger hospital, which I prefer to work at. I had a great time there and was about two-thirds through my assignment when my wife was diagnosed with cancer in early August 2021. The hospital was completely professional and understanding that I needed to be closer to home in case I needed to get back for appointments and treatments. I gave Ali a call and explained my situation and she was able to help me immediately and find me an assignment closer to home.

I find myself back in Peoria again for 13 weeks and, to be honest, it was not what I had planned, but I had made some good friends there and the hospital is helping me the best they can with flexible scheduling to get me home when needed.

I can’t say enough good things about Aureus Medical and my recruiter, Ali! She is easy to reach whenever I have a questions and will check up with me from time to time. Although she can’t cast a fly rod well, she does an amazing job as a recruiter! My only regret is that I did not call Aureus sooner.


Brian H.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Brian. We’re lucky to have you as a traveler and we’re wishing all the best to you and your family! Learn more about Aureus Medical online or call today to speak with our team.

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