5 Tips for Travel Nursing as a Pair

By Ty Ottoson, Social Media Recruiter, Aureus Medical

For many folks beginning their career in the healthcare travel field, it’s common to want to travel with a friend so you can enjoy the journey together. On the other hand, something many nurses don’t know about traveling is that you can conquer travel nursing as a pair.

It’s exciting to sit down together, make a list of your mutual top destinations, and decide what you want to do while on an assignment. But first, you may want to double check with your healthcare travel company to see what their qualifications are for traveling as a pair. In addition to that, here 5 tips for travel nursing as a pair that will cover some key factors to keep in mind before committing 100% to traveling together.

  1. Make sure you are both applying for as many state certifications and/or licenses as possible. The more flexible you are on your location, the easier your company will be able to place you both in the same state/facility.
  2. Be open about what shifts you can work. Although it might not be the same shift that your travel partner is working, you can still get the experience of traveling together and exploring on your days off.
  3. Although you are traveling together, each traveler may want to drive their own vehicle. As it can be hard for a pair to find the same shift at the same facility, you’ll want to ensure that each of you has reliable transportation to and from your assignment.
  4. Meet new people. Yes, you are traveling together, but you should still try to meet as many new people as you can on your assignment to get the full experience.
  5. Be okay with not being in the same city/town. As long as you’re still relatively near, you’ll be able to explore the city you’re in and still be able to meet up and explore together during your time off.

Even though travel nursing as a pair can be a great experience, you should always remember that your first priority should be you! After all, you’re on this journey to travel around the United States, visiting places you’ve never been before, and doing what you love. You’re in a new facility with new faces, so it’s a great chance to meet new people and explore new things. It’s always a blast traveling with your best friend or partner, but just remember to remain flexible, consult with your agency to figure out the best travel plan for two, and plan ahead so you can ensure success.

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