Turn your travel therapy rental into a home

While a major perk to working travel therapy jobs is having the opportunity to see the country, it also means that you will likely be moving around several times a year. As a result, you may be looking for ways to make your short-term rental feel a little more like home. In most cases, there are restrictions when it comes to making alterations, such as painting. Before tackling any projects like that, get in contact with your recruiter to learn more about the rental guidelines – you don't want to lose out on getting your security deposit back at the end of your assignment. Still, there are plenty of other things that you can do to make the space feel like your own.

Mementos and other accessories
From pictures to a candle in your favorite scent, you can really personalize your living space when working travel PT jobs. If you surround yourself with pictures of your loved ones, it's sure to feel like home. You may also want to purchase a few plants to make the apartment feel more cozy. Other options can include knickknacks and different display items that highlight your taste and personality.

Pillows and blankets
Nothing says home more than a comfortable bed, so make sure that you pack your favorite pillows and blankets to take with you on each new travel physical therapy assignment. Some of the rentals you stay at may come with these items already, but then you're apt to feel like you're sleeping at a hotel for the next 13 weeks. However, if you want to pack lightly, just make sure to touch base with your recruiter to find out more about what will be available to you upon arrival.

Lamps, rugs and more
You can add pops of color to your living space without painting – just pick up a few rugs once you've seen the space. Some stores also sell curtain rods that require no installation and expand nicely into the width of a window, so you can hang a simple drape over plain white blinds. Add a couple of cute lamps to your end tables and nightstand and you'll be set.

Whether you're on your first travel PT assignment or not, having things around you that you like can go a long way in turning a new place into a familiar home. These simple ideas – in addition to a fridge and pantry full of your favorite goodies – are sure to comfort you as you settle in.