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Sound therapy fills occupational therapy need

Sound therapy has demonstrated itself to be a valuable asset to people who hold occupational therapy jobs as they treat children with developmental delays, according to a published report.

Janet Puderbaugh, founder of Milestone for Kids' Success, said that intervention via sound-based methods has the potential to be remarkably impactful, ABC Local reports.

"Sound is such a powerful form of sensory input. It can have an influence on a wide range of behaviors," Puderbaugh, who also is an occupational therapist, told the news source. "The benefits of the sound-based intervention include improved sensory modulation, improved behavioral organization, improved emotional regulation, improved posture and motor control, improved awareness and engagement of the environment, increased independence in a wide variety of daily skills."

Emmalane Lara has been working with Puderbaugh for the past 12 months after having been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when she was between nine months and 12 months old. She refused to eat anything other than foods that were crunchy.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational therapists help patients suffering from injuries, illnesses and disabilities with everyday activities.