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Obese individuals’ struggles may be addressed by physical therapists, column states

People suffering with obesity tend to have consistent issues for which they seek assistance with alleviating the pain from people with physical therapy jobs, according to a guest columnist's writings for Obesity Panacea.

Muscle strains and ligament sprains are the most common injuries, according to Matt Sanchez, a director at the Aim2Walk Rehabilitation Center. These types of injuries are very common and run the gamut of seriousness and often occur among inactive people who attempt strenuous activity when out of shape.

Osteoarthritis and joint replacement also are commonly occurring injuries among the obese. Joint pain is very closely correlated with body weight, the column states. Disc herniation also is common as a result of the minimized flow of blood to discs that makes them more vulnerable to injury. The obese also suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome more commonly, which afflicts 10 percent of the population. By contrast, one-quarter of people considered obese are afflicted by the condition.

Trouble with rotator cuffs also is common as movement of the arms can be difficult for obese individuals. Poor posture and weak supporting musculature also play roles.

Individuals looking to work as physical therapists need an advanced degree from a physical therapy program, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.