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This is an exciting time for you as a physician. The demand for physicians is high and you have several options and choices available to you as you embark on your future practicing medicine. But, a comprehensive search for the ideal practice is time consuming and may seem overwhelming. Trust the specialists at Aureus Medical’s physician search division. We’re dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free experience, eliminating the administrative components from your plate so you can focus on your future in medicine.

Why Aureus Medical?
Aureus Medical is a leader in healthcare staffing. With decades of experience, extensive resources, and a nationwide network of client healthcare organizations, we’re the partner residents and fellows turn to for thorough and results-focused practice searches. Your dedicated physician services consultant assists you in each phase of the search process and provides you with continual guidance and support

When a resident or fellow should begin the search
Even if you are entering your final years of your residency or fellowship, forming a relationship now with your physician services consultant will expedite the process when the time comes to make contact with potential employers. Use this time to allow your physician services consultant to get to know you and gain an understanding of your unique needs (practice type, desired locations, amenities, etc.).

Many physicians also sign contracts early in their residencies. A potential employer may consider offering you a stipend or pay for a portion of a fellowship. Beginning your search now may open the door to these opportunities.

Your dedicated physician services consultant
As a resident or fellow seeking a new career opportunity, your physician services consultant will serve as your primary point of contact during each phase of the search process, from initial consultation through placement in your new position.

Your physician services consultant is experienced in guiding you through each search component and answering your questions, such as:

  • What is the competitive compensation in my area of specialty?
  • What is the difference between a net income and net collections guarantee?
  • How does location affect my salary?
  • What are the elements of my contract?
  • What points should I address in my interview?
  • How do I go about assembling my Curriculum Vitae?
  • How long should I have to wait until partnership?
  • Can I receive a stipend while I finish my Residency/Fellowship?
  • What are the benefits of hospital employment vs. private practice?

Aureus Medical is here to help you maximize your search for the ideal practice opportunity.

Our goal for your career?  Right Practice. Right Fit.

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