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Great places in Nevada for travel assignments, beyond Las Vegas

Nevada is perhaps most well-known for Las Vegas, but there are many other exciting towns, cities and sights the state offers. If you're a travel nurse or therapist and are considering a travel assignment in Nevada, consider these great places:

Lake Tahoe 
Lake Tahoe is located in Western Nevada on the border of California – in fact, the area is split between the two states. Lake Tahoe is beloved for its clear blue waters, which are 99.9 percent pure and so clear that a 10-inch white dinner plate would be visible 75 feet below the surface, according to the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. Every vista of Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and striking, with the lake framed by majestic, snow-capped mountains. 

Lake TahoeEvery vista of Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and striking, with the lake framed by majestic, snow-capped mountains.

With high peaks and clean waters all in the same place, residents of Lake Tahoe enjoy superior, year-round access to exciting outdoor activities. Ski, swim, fish, hike, mountain bike – the list of local activities is endless, and they're always within easy reach. According to Incline Village Real Estate, there's also a 34,000 square foot recreation center, golf course and three private beaches in town. 

With its high quality of life and accessibility to outdoor sports and recreation, Lake Tahoe is a great destination for the adventurous traveling healthcare professional that loves to stay active and spend time in nature. 

It's the Biggest Little City in the World – and a fantastic location for any travel professional looking for a new assignment in Nevada. Reno is called home by more than 235,000 residents, who love living in this small city with a whole lot of character.

Located a seven hours' drive from Las Vegas in Northern Nevada, Reno may be the perfect place for those looking to have a more balanced mix of nightlife, outdoor activities and culture. Reno has a full calendar of festivals going on year-round as well as a bustling restaurant and craft beer scene. Art lovers will enjoy having the acclaimed Nevada Museum of Art in the neighborhood, along with the hip happenings put on by the nonprofit Artown. 

Outdoor adventurers will also love living in Reno – situated along the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, there are countless opportunities for residents to get moving and enjoy nature's splendor, from whether that's through hiking, biking or camping. Ski lovers have their pick of slopes, as within just 50 miles is the largest concentration of ski facilities in the entire world, according to the City of Reno. Don't forget the Truckee River, which winds through Reno and is a top destination for kayaking and whitewater rafting. 

Reno is famous for its casinos, but the city was strategically designed so that the nightlife district is contained downtown, meaning that the rest of Reno is kept a family-friendly mix of outdoor activities and culture. For this balance and its high quality of life, Reno is a great place to get acquainted with for a travel assignment. 

Carson City 
Located east of Lake Tahoe, Carson City is the capital of Nevada and a location that anyone thinking about travel assignments in Nevada should consider. 

If you're looking for a quiet, residential desert-city experience, then look into staying in Carson City. The area is framed by mountains and has a distinctly "Western" feel that residents have come to know and love. You'll enjoy strolling down its old-fashioned Main Street, with charming boutiques mixed in with delicious, home-style restaurants, beautiful antique shops and intriguing art galleries. 

History-lovers will also enjoy Carson City, as it's home to the Nevada State Museum. The museum is an innovative, interactive exploration of Nevada's cultural and natural heritage and a treat for all ages. Other historical interest points include the Nevada State Capitol Building and Grounds and the Nevada State Railroad Museum. 

Though relatively quiet, Carson City does have a small nightlife and entertainment scene. The Brewery Arts Center has a jam-packed schedule of concerts, shows and art exhibits, while there are a number of restaurants and watering holes that locals love to unwind at after a hard day of work. 

For those looking for a quieter pace of day-to-day life, check out Carson City. 

RenoIt's the Biggest Little City in the World – and a fantastic location for any travel professional looking for a new assignment in Nevada.

Just over the border of Reno is Sparks, a charming and quirky small city that has a population of just over 90,000 people. Serene and family-friendly, Sparks has the tranquility of a small town while being just a quick drive to the busier Reno. 

As Reno.com noted, "People who move to Sparks do so for the quality of life – Reno is close by, but Sparks feels more secluded and comfortable for most people."

But just because it's smaller doesn't mean it's lacking in interesting things to do. Sparks has an exciting roster of fun events going on each month, from Basque Dance performances to the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off, as well as a charming downtown area called Victorian Square. The Sparks Museum & Cultural Center is another great place to visit, with its fascinating exhibits and arts and humanities programs. 

If you love the outdoors, Sparks could also be a great place for you, with its sweeping mountain vistas all-around, beautiful green spaces and a diverse roster of recreational activities. Not to mention the great hiking that's easily accessible, as Sparks is located between the Carson and Virginia mountain ranges. 

Tranquil but full of character and within a quick drive to Reno, Sparks should be considered by any traveling healthcare professional looking for satisfying small-town life in Nevada. 

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