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As a Student Outreach Coordinator, I get to travel across the United States and meet some of the best nursing students out there! I’ve come to realize, no matter what state I’m in and no matter what convention or career fair I’m attending, I tend to get asked a list of reoccurring questions. Check out the top eight questions about being a travel nurse that I get asked by nursing students and new graduates nurses!

What is travel nursing?
Travel nursing is temporary assignments to help hospitals with their staffing needs.

Why do hospitals and facilities need travel nurses?
There are many reasons hospitals need travelers but a few common reasons include: census spikes, EMR conversions, or extended absences.

How long are travel contracts?
The industry standard for a travel contract is 13 weeks. There are occasionally eight week contracts, and often times, if the facility foresees a need past the 13 weeks, they may offer the opportunity to extend a contract.

Can I travel as a new grad?
As a new graduate nurse, you won’t be able to jump straight into travel nursing. You will need to gain 1-2 years of RN hospital experience in the unit you’d like to travel in.

I’m a nursing student/new graduate nurse; how do I prepare for a career in travel nursing?
First step: Get in touch with a Student Outreach Coordinator at Aureus! We are here to support you every step of the way! If your goal is to travel, our Student Outreach Team will set up a plan with you to help you get there.

Do I have any say in where I travel?
Yes! We want to know your location preferences and we will do our best to find a travel position for you, within your location preferences.

How does the licensing process work? Do I need to apply for a license in every state I want to travel?
The short and simple answer is yes. Unless your license is compact and you’re only interested in compact states, then yes, you will have to apply for the state license in which you’d like to travel. You can apply for the license through the state board of nursing. Some states may take 1-2 days to process your license, and others may take weeks or even months. Sound complicated or time consuming? If so, that’s another reason to get in touch with a Student Outreach Coordinator at Aureus. Your Student Outreach Coordinator is available to talk with you about where you want to travel, what licenses you will need, and when you should start applying for those licenses.

Can I travel in any specialty?
We have travel positions in almost all nurse specialties; however, you will have to travel in the specialty that you have experience in.

Can I travel with someone?
Yes! You’re more than welcome to travel with a friend, spouse, family member, etc. Just be sure to communicate that to your Aureus Medical Student Outreach Coordinator.

There is so much more to know about travel nursing and your Student Outreach Team is here to keep you updated and informed. We are your resource within the industry; reach out to us to continue the conversation!

 Jessie Friend joined Aureus Medical Group in May 2014 . She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Sciences and Minor in Communication Studies from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, which makes her role as a Student Outreach Coordinator the perfect fit! In her spare time, Jessie enjoys a good book, taking vacations to the lake, instructing group fitness classes, playing with her two dogs; Joe and Cal, and spending time with family and friends! Her favorite part about being a Student Outreach Coordinator is the phone call she receives from her students when they accept their first RN position!


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