How to Use a Recruiter to Find the Best Jobs in Travel Healthcare

Video Transcription

You’re excited to begin a career in travel healthcare. But how do you best get in the door? We have some tips on working with a recruiter.

A skilled recruiter knows where the jobs are, has relationships with hiring managers, and will save you a lot of time. The process starts with your first contact.

Your recruiter will ask about you, your experience, what your interests are, and what you want in an assignment. Are there locations you have in mind, types of facilities, an ideal schedule? Be open and honest about your skills and your goals.

You’ll complete an online application and submit your resume and references, which your recruiter will walk you through.

Once completed, the search begins for available positions based on your specifications. You choose those you’re interested in. Want to keep working consistently? Be flexible!

Your recruiter will schedule your phone interviews, help you prepare, and make sure the hospital has your paperwork.

Once you’ve been matched with an assignment, your recruiter will arrange for your travel and free, private housing.

During your assignment, stay in contact to let your recruiter know how it’s going. And the best time to look for your next position is during your current one. Be sure to communicate where you’d like to travel next!

Ready? Let’s go!