Travel Healthcare: What to Expect the First Week

Video Transcription

Are you new to travel healthcare? Aureus Medical gives you an inside look at what to expect during your first week on assignment.

Once you arrive in the community pick up the keys to your accommodations and settle in. Get the lay of the land by finding the nearest grocery store, gas station, gym, and coffee house. Stock your fridge and plan your routine.

Prior to your start date, make a dry run to the facility. Determine your route, how long it will take you, and know where to park. You’ll want to be on time, if not early, on your first day.

On day one, keep your mindset positive and flexible. Be open to meeting new people and new ways of doing things.

Depending on the facility, your orientation may be a formal program or less structured. Expect competency tests, exams, and information overload. Be inquisitive, ask questions, and take notes. Also, jot down the names of your co-workers and key members of the healthcare team.

Outside of work, stop by the visitor’s center or chamber of commerce to learn about what is available to you in the area such as restaurants, attractions, and entertainment.

Equally important - communicate with your recruiter. The first week may be challenging. Your recruiter will help you through it.