Traveling in Pairs

Video Transcription

Some of the best things about travel healthcare are exploring your surroundings, meeting people, and being a welcomed addition to a hospital and team. For some, sharing the adventure with another healthcare professional makes the experience even better. Aureus Medical is here with tips and advice.

When you travel as a pair, you have the obvious benefit of companionship. You can also share housing and the costs of items such as groceries, gas for that weekend excursion, and other amenities.

To make the scenario work, be the ultimate communicator with your recruiter. Each of you are individuals when it comes to your assignments so be clear about your goals. Talk with your recruiter regularly over the phone about your current and future assignments.

Finding contracts that coincide requires flexibility. While the same shift in the same hospital would be ideal, that’s not always realistic. Being open to various locations, facilities, shifts, start dates, and housing will improve your chances of landing assignments that are in close proximity of each other.

Also keep finances in mind. If one of you is not able to complete your assignment, will the other be able to carry the expenses? Be comfortable with that before making a commitment.

Traveling in pairs can be exciting and rewarding. There are tradeoffs, but the experience can be well worth it.