Phone Interview Tips

Video Transcription

You have your sights set on the perfect travel healthcare job. The final step is your phone interview. How do you make the best impression? Aureus Medical is here to offer you a few important tips.

First, understand what you bring to the table. Beyond your experience and skills, which will be clear on paper, a hiring manager wants to know what else you will bring to the facility and team. Articulate your strengths.

There’s no room for distractions. Situate yourself in separate room, free from anything that would pull your attention away. Be sure you have your resume, pen, a notepad, and a glass of water. Then close the door.

If you were interviewing face to face, you would smile, sit up straight, and dress with confidence. Do the same for your phone interview and your voice will reflect it. And definitely no gum, lozenges or candy.

Lastly, ask questions. A few well thought out questions will demonstrate your genuine interest. Focus on the culture and dynamics of the facility, the equipment, and how you would fit in. Avoid asking about salary and perks. That information is best relayed by the hiring manager or recruiter.

Your phone interview is your chance to shine and to get the job in travel healthcare you’ve dreamed of. Good luck!