Travel Nursing in California: State Licensing Explained

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As a travel nurse, you’re able to experience some pretty amazing places. And in order to work in a given state, you need to have your state license.

What if that state is California? The licensing process is lengthier and more involved than other states and can take one to three months or longer. Aureus Medical’s advice? Start early and follow these steps.

Find out what documents are required by visiting the California Board of Registered Nursing website. Click “Applicants”, then “Endorsement” and select “Application for Licensure by Endorsement”. A full checklist is on page 2 of the PDF file. Follow it closely.

Print the required documents and order your transcripts from each of your respective schools.

You’ll need to have your fingerprints taken. Doing so at a live scan location in Sacramento, California is highly recommended. Why? Submitting all of your material in person to the Board of Nursing as opposed to using the mail will substantially speed up your license turnaround time.

To help you, Aureus Medical will reimburse you for your flight to California and the licensing fee once you accept a California assignment with us!

Travel nurses are in high demand in California. Follow our recommendations and you’ll be on your way to the sunny West coast!

The final step? Begin your adventure!