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Student Outreach Therapy

Student Outreach TherapyPreparing students and new graduates for full-time and travel therapy jobs.

Looking for your first job after graduation can be an overwhelming experience. You’re balancing clinicals with your studies and that leaves little time for job hunting. But don’t stress! Aureus Medical is here to help you make a seamless transition from school to career. We’re your resource for information and career advice – and we’re your direct connection to great healthcare careers in the therapy field.

What is Our Student Outreach Program?

Aureus Medical’s Student Outreach Program pairs students and new graduates in the physical, occupational, and speech therapy fields with an experienced employment professional whose focus is assisting with the school to career move.

Our student outreach coordinators only work with students and new grads. Your dedicated coordinator will work with you at any stage during your schooling, follow you through graduation, and help you as you begin your professional career, whether a full-time position is for you or you want to explore the country with travel therapy. We offer a direct link to physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, positions in speech therapy, and more.

Your Student Outreach Coordinator:

  • Serves as an accessible resource for topics surrounding the job market, salary, licensing, resume writing, interviewing, and more
  • Helps you become well-versed in understanding the job search process
  • Shares what career options are available to you based on your field, the job market, and your wish list of locations (full-time positions, travel therapy jobs, local contract opportunities, and more)
  • Offers the mentorship you need at this important stage in your life
  • Provides you with the peace of mind that your first career opportunity will meet your career and life goals

Where to Find Us:

Aureus Medical partners with universities across the nation by participating in career fairs, speaking at lunch and learns, and helping with informational sessions such as mock interviewing. You can also find us at many state and national conferences as well as online through social networking. We want to be available and accessible to you, no matter what’s on your mind about medical careers in therapy.

Aureus Medical strives to be a strong resource and partner for you as you complete your education. You don’t have to go it alone. Contact us and we’ll connect you with the Student Outreach Coordinator which specializes in your field area of therapy.

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