Medical staffing processes with superior results.

At Aureus, our commitment to ensuring each of our clients receives the highest quality healthcare professionals, combined with a superior level of personal service, is unwavering.

Our thorough Quality Assurance Program for supplemental healthcare staffing is designed to establish a smooth running process and eliminate the potential for errors.

Once we have been advised of your medical staffing need, our dedicated team will immediately begin working to source candidates nationwide according to your specifications, following our proven method.

Aureus Medical’s QA Program

  1. Initial Telephone Screening: During our initial phone interview of a candidate, we ask questions relative to their motivation to make a job change, education, credentials and licensure, clinical experience, and references. We also verify that the candidate has a minimum of one year of clinical employment experience.
  2. Employment Application: A complete application, including education, certifications, licenses, work history, and references is required prior to candidate consideration.
  3. Skills Proficiency Checklist: The skills checklist, inclusive of The Joint Commission age-specific criteria proficiencies, must be completed by the candidate prior to consideration for any position. This list, including proficiency levels, is a critical component in us matching the candidate’s skills with the requirements of a specific position.
  4. Comprehensive Interview: Our interviewing process includes a targeted, situational- and behavioral-based questionnaire to assist in determining character and work ethic.
  5. Professional Certifications: We require a complete listing of all professional healthcare certification credentials from each candidate. “Primary Source” verification is conducted as part of our background check upon hire, and re-verified prior to each job assignment. Current CPR certification is a mandatory requirement for all healthcare professionals employed with Aureus, with the exception of positions that do not involve patient care. We track certification dates and facilitate the certification process for employees to maintain their validity.
  6. State Licensure: Aureus requires a complete accounting of all state licenses held by each healthcare professional. For Nursing positions, this includes verification with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.
  7. Education & Work History Verification: Education verification will be performed when professional certifications and/or state licenses are not available to validate education; when client specifications require education verification; or when the candidate does not have a formal education for the position they are being placed in. Work history verification is performed for all new hires and re-entry employees. We verify a minimum of one year clinical work history and three years prior employment history. This information is verified via direct contact with facilities the candidate worked at and if necessary, third party vendors.
  8. Professional Reference Sourcing: We perform one-on-one, direct sourcing of professional references, requiring at least one reference be obtained from a former supervisor within the prior two years whenever possible. Additional references are required for gaps of employment with Aureus of greater than six months.
  9. INS Eligibility Verification: We verify work eligibility in person in accordance with INS regulations. In addition, we verify all new hires with the federal “E-Verify” Program. Employees with gaps of employment with Aureus of greater than six months will have eligibility re-verified.
  10. Drug Screening: Aureus will conduct a comprehensive drug screen of each new hire and of any employees with a gap of employment with Aureus of greater than six months. We use a national HHS & SAMSHA-approved testing laboratory and the testing includes screening for all standard drugs of abuse including prescription medications.
  11. Background Check: We conduct a comprehensive background check on each new hire and employees with a gap of employment with Aureus of greater than six months consisting of: 1) Social Security Number Match; 2) OIG/HHS - Excluded Individuals; 3) EPLS/GSA – includes OFAC search of SDN and Blocked Persons; 4) Motor Vehicle Records; 5) County Criminal; 6) Nationwide Criminal Database search; 7) State Sexual offender/Predator; 8) Primary Source Verification with state license and professional certification verification and disciplinary actions/sanctions; 9) Professional Education; 10) Additional facility pre-placement protocols and state requirements; 11) Any additional client facility specifications; 12) Any additional state screening requirements.
  12. Immunity History Verification: We verify each candidate's immunization history and/or current status of immunity. Immunizations included in the history are Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Tetanus-Diphtheria, and seasonal influenza. We adhere to all CDC guidelines and provide employees the immunizations and/or antibody testing as a benefit. We also promote and offer the annual flu vaccination. We track immunization due dates and facilitate a process for employees to obtain updates.
  13. Tuberculosis Testing: We require TB skin testing on an annual basis, with all positive skin tests resolved by a negative chest x-ray and physician statement indicating symptom-free status. We provide, as a benefit to prospective employees, immunizations and/or antibody titer testing needed and TB skin testing annually. If a TB is expired, we require a two-step TB test in accordance with CDC guidelines. We track TB testing due dates and actively facilitate a process for employees to keep their TB tests current.
  14. Orientation Training, including Joint Commission Standards and OSHA Safety Training: We provide an online orientation training program for each employee to review, followed by a self-assessment test which must be passed with a minimum score of 80%.
  15. Competency Testing: To validate the clinical and technical qualifications of qualified candidates, Aureus provides online Competency Testing in their area of specialization. Additional competency testing required by client facilities is also administered in accordance with client instructions.
  16. Continuing Education: Aureus actively promotes continuing education of our employees. As a benefit to employees, we offer an annual allowance of $300 for continuing education. In addition, we offer $12,000 annually for continuing education in the areas of Nursing, Healthcare Education, and Healthcare Administration through our Live & Learn program.
  17. Annual Training: Aureus requires all contract employees to review a set of annual training modules which meet OSHA and Joint Commission requirements. Each training module is followed by a self-assessment test which must be passed with a minimum score of 80%.
  18. Client Performance Appraisals: On-site client supervisors are requested to complete an online formal appraisal of each contract employee to rate the employee’s suitability and performance while on assignment. The feedback is used as gauge for future assignments with Aureus.
  19. Client Specifications: We have established a pre-assignment qualification tracking system for identifying what we refer to as “special protocols” for each client facility. This system alerts our placement personnel to specific requirements for assigned employees beyond what our standard qualification standards are nationwide. This may include additional physical examinations, blood antibody titer testing, repeat drug testing within a certain number of days prior to the assignment start date, specific professional certifications for certain job positions, respiratory fit testing, OSHA Safety Training certification, or additional background check information. We track these additional requirements and provide completed documentation to our clients.
  20. Employee Assignment Appraisals: Appraisals are required to be completed by the Aureus Medical Account Manager at the close of each assignment – based upon the comprehensive performance of the employee during the assignment. This appraisal takes into account feedback received from the Client Supervisor during the course of the assignment, as well as their compliance with Aureus Medical policies and procedures.
  21. Performance Review Board: We have established a formal Review Board to evaluate and make assessments relative to continued employment of contract employees who have had performance concerns identified on contract assignments. The Board is composed of a multi-disciplinary and multi-level group of individuals within Aureus Medical. Clinical performance issues are reviewed by the Aureus Clinical Director, who makes recommendations to the Board.
  22. Internal QA Audits: Our Quality Assurance Department performs ongoing internal audits covering all staffing operations. Practices and documentation are reviewed for compliance with the Aureus Medical Operations Manual, which includes policies and procedures designed to deliver the highest quality of staffing services and meet Joint Commission standards.