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Why Choose Aureus Medical Group?

As a traveler, you’re most likely talking to multiple agencies. If I were a traveler, I’d want to know what makes each agency different. One thing that sets Aureus Medical apart from the rest is that we have divisions dedicated to your specialized field. You heard that correct! We have recruiters that specifically staff for Therapy, Imaging, Nursing, Cardiopulmonary, and Lab needs. For those agencies that are a “one stop shop”, perhaps ask yourself: how do they remember facility specifics for those traveling as a Sonographer AND as a Physical Therapist? Those are totally different fields. 

If you’re someone who has never traveled before, it’s okay to have a ton of questions! I’m going to dive deeper on how to start your travel career, tips for your process, and what your experience would look like with Aureus Medical.

Step 1

Inquire to Aureus Medical! Whether it’s calling in or reaching out on social media, we will direct you where you need to be!

  • Join our groups or follow our pages on Facebook! Find a group that is specific to your specialized field and connect with fellow travelers and healthcare professionals with your field. There will always be a social media recruiter available to chat and help answer any question(s) you may have!
Step 2

Talk to a recruiter! When you first start out with the traveling process, you will work with a recruiter who will get your profile (aka application) ready to send out to the different jobs that you are interested in!

  1. Filling out the application – This will act as your “online resume” that gets sent over to each facility where you want to apply. The faster you can fill out the application the better! Applications are good for six months.
  2. Uploading your recent resume – This will help your recruiter note and condense all the important information that a facility will need to know about your experience in your field.
  3. Skills sheet checklist – This is an indepth online checklist that goes over your specialty and what you’re familiar with when working in your field.
Step 3

Interview for jobs! Work with your recruiter and chat about what you would like for your assignment regarding the following:

  1. Location. For more opportunities, consider a more open geographical preference.
  2. Pay needs. This is what you need to make for your daily life and expenses.
  3. Hours and shift type. Do you thrive more on 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift? Do you need any vacation or time off while you’re on assignment?

Once you are submitted to a position, keep in contact with your recruiter on a day-to-day basis to get updates from them. That way, you are aware if the job is still open or not and when you might interview!

Important note: Each job has an Account Manager that is assigned to coordinate with that specific facility! The Account Manager knows the ins and outs of each job and what their Hiring Manager is looking for when bringing on a traveler. If you have specific questions that your recruiter cannot answer, you can always chat with the Account Manager if needed to check into some more details.

Step 4

You have an offer, now what?! If your account manager and/or recruiter lets you know that a facility that you interviewed with has extended an offer to you, make sure you ask all the questions needed to ensure you make the best decision for YOU.

Some examples are:

  1. Start dates
  2. Length of assignment
  3. Confirm any last minute details that you may need in order to start
Step 5

Enjoy your assignment! Your account manager will send you any first day instructions that you may need to be the most successful in your travel position. During your assignment, be sure to keep in touch with your recruiter/account manager; they want you to bring any questions, comments, and/or concerns to them that way they can address anything with the facility on your behalf! 

No matter what agency you go through, please make sure that you are picking the assignment that sets you up for success! The end goal with any company is to make sure you are matched up to a job that helps and advances your current skills. Also, if you see anything while you’re exploring your new home for the next few months, take pictures and share any cool information you find with your recruiter.

Aureus Medical Facebook pages:

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Michaela Dickson is a Social Media Recruiter for the Medical Laboratory division at Aureus Medical Group.

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