Traveling through the holidays

It’s that time! We’re coming up to the holidays which is so exciting for many reasons. Yummy food, family time, Christmas shopping, and great travel contracts!

Here are some tips to consider for the holiday season:

Everyone wants time off.

So that means everyone after the New Year will be searching for a job. This means more competition! If you are on contract, a good idea would be to see if the facility will allow you the time off for the holidays and EXTEND through the New Year. This would ensure you won’t have to fight for a job in January.

Be open and flexible about working holidays.

Travel nurses are expected to be flexible and reliable. You will get holiday pay, which is an added bonus to your paychecks. If you cannot work holidays, try to be open to working one major holiday and then off for the other if the facility would allow it.

Consider location.

Maybe you’d like a warmer location such as Florida, Arizona, or South Carolina. Or maybe you’d rather be in a location with beautiful snow, skiing, and colder climates. Vermont, Colorado, and Northern California are great places to be to enjoy the snowy outdoors. This makes for a wonderful winter!

Contact your recruiter or account manager to discuss your options through the holidays.

Whitney Hall is a Team Lead for the Skilled Nursing division at Aureus Medical Group

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