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Traveler Spotlight: Kate M. – Medical Laboratory Technician

Long-time medical laboratory traveler, Kate, is no stranger to adventure. Working as a Medical Laboratory Technician, Kate began here traveling career in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. In her time as a travel healthcare professional, she has taken 22 assignments in medical laboratory16 different states, and has even visited the same location twice. Kate is somewhat of a legend around our laboratory division, and we’re always grateful for the opportunity to work with her. I got in touch with Kate for a quick Q&A for more insight into her time on the road. There truly is no better way to learn more about traveling than hearing it first-hand from someone who’s rocking the travel for so long.

Q: How were you first introduced to traveling and what ultimately led to becoming a traveler yourself? 

A: I heard about traveling when I was in college and I knew right then that I wanted to do it.  However, I knew that I needed some experience before I could pursue it.  I intended to just spend a couple of years working and then travel, but as it often does, life happened.  I was granted a second chance when I had a major change in my life and I realized there was nothing to stop me and that’s when my dream became reality.

Q: How long have you traveled and how many assignments have you been on?

A: I started traveling in August 2010.  I think I am on my 22nd assignment.  I have revisited some assignments as well.

Q: What have been some of your favorite locations? Why did they stand out?

A: I loved both places in Oregon that I was at.  I also really enjoyed Cleveland and Vermont.  I always try to find fun and interesting things to do in the area I am at, so even the assignments that I haven’t loved as much can still hold some special meaning to me.  I loved Oregon’s beauty and friendliness.  Cleveland I enjoyed for the museums, food and it is a sports town!  Vermont has the beauty like my home state of Maine.  I was right near the Appalachian Trail and it makes me very happy to interact with thru hikers.

Q: What surprised you the most about traveling?

A: How much of this country I hadn’t seen and incredible places I knew nothing about!

Q: Traveling isn’t always 100% perfect – What’s something you would change or wished was different? 

A: I do wish it was easier for me to have a dog.  My schedule is so unpredictable at each job and I don’t think it would be fair to put an animal through that.  I sometimes wish I could have a companion like that.

Q: How do you feel like traveling has impacted both you and your career?

A: I have gotten to see an incredible amount of things and experience so much that I most likely wouldn’t have without travel.  As for my career, I have excelled in leaps and bounds with the many different things I have seen.  I get the opportunity to teach others also and that just helps me learn even more.  It has kept things fresh for me so my skills don’t become stagnant.

Q: How has your experience with Aureus Medical been? 

A: I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Aureus!  I have been with them my entire travel career and always felt very well taken care of.  I have enjoyed being able to meet my managers and recruiters when I have been in Omaha and they are SO incredibly welcoming.  It was almost like being a celebrity for a day-everyone knew my name!

Q: Do you have any advice to give to laboratory professionals who are looking into traveling? 

A: My advice is to make sure you are comfortable with your own company, especially if you’re shy and it takes you awhile to make friends.  However, I will say that the majority of the time, everyone is happy to see you coming to help their lab and are welcoming.  But once you’re there, ask all the locals where the good spots are and GO TO THEM!  Far too many people put things off because “they will always be there.”  But I say, go do it now!  Soak in as many experiences as possible!

Chase Ahlers is a Social Media Recruiter for the Medical Laboratory division of Aureus Medical Group. 


  1. YAY!! Ka-tie is my niece and I always knew she would excel in whatever field she chose!!

  2. Kate is a great tech-knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. I first met her two summers ago when she came to NH to work in our very short-staffed lab. She rolled up her sleeves and very quickly became one of the team. I have moved on to another job, but we are in touch regularly. She will be a lifelong friend and honorary family member. ❤

  3. Kate is great! I had the privilege to work with her for a whole year. She is a great mix of professional and fun. She truly cares about her patients and the labs she helps out. I would work with her anytime and will always consider her a friend.

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