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Travel Healthcare Employees of the Quarter

Aureus Medical is happy to announce its Travel Healthcare Employees of the Quarter. Employees are nominated by their account managers each quarter. The winners will then be included in the Employee of the Year nominations. Congratulations to all!

LaDona Hoyt, Respiratory Therapist

LaDona has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Cardiopulmonary and Allied Health Division of Aureus Medical Group. She has worked with Aureus since March 2015 and is currently working her thirteenth assignment. LaDona remains loyal to Aureus and advocates for us at each of her assignments. She has been asked to extend or go full time at every position that she’s worked. Managers and employees have reached out to praise LaDona for her expertise in the field and her remarkable ability to walk into any environment, make friends, get the job done, and bring a sense of unity to the team. It’s very rare to hear complaints and she has worked some extremely difficult assignments. LaDona’s good nature, work ethic, and skill set help to set Aureus apart from our competition everywhere that she goes!

Kathy White, Sonographer

Kathy has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Imaging Division of Aureus Medical Group. She has been traveling with Aureus for almost four years. Her first contract with us started in November of 2015 and she is currently on her twelfth assignment. Kathy is a true professional and extremely loyal. She has been through floods and hurricanes and never once complained. Kathy is always asked to extend and we receive calls from clients to see if she is available to return. She has given us great referrals throughout the years. Kathy is the ideal traveler to represent Aureus. Here are a few comments from her appraisals:

She has been fantastic and a great aid in helping improve our policies and procedures!”

Kathy is very professional and kind. She works great with patients and staff and is a huge help to our department being a breast sonographer. Kathy was able to adapt quickly to each ultrasound unit. She has been a pleasure to work with.”

Kathy takes initiative and willingly assist colleagues in completing tasks. Our staff and Radiologist sincerely appreciate Kathy for her pleasant demeanor and professional capabilities. She will be missed.”

Claudia Szippl, Histotechnician

Claudia has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Medical Laboratory Division of Aureus Medical Group. She has been a staple of the Aureus family since 2010 with 25 assignments under her belt.  Clients love her!  Claudia consistently gets asked to return to facilities she has worked at before and always represents Aureus well.  She’s flexible, never complains, and always shows up for work.  We are extremely grateful to have her as part of the Aureus team because she is a true asset to the healthcare profession.

Constance “Connie” Walls, Occupational Therapist Assistant

Constance has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Rehabilitation Therapy Division of Aureus Medical Group. Connie has been traveling with Aureus since 2016. She is a true pleasure to work with for both account managers and client facilities. She is the most grateful, humble, and appreciative person on this planet, and has even been recognized as Employee of the Month at a facility in Port Lavaca! Connie is amazing at taking fellow travelers under her wing and providing mentorship both inside and outside of work.  She brightens the day of anyone she comes into contact with and doesn’t let the ups and downs of travel get to her or affect her positive attitude. Connie strives to be the best therapist and person she can be and represents Aureus so well. We are so grateful to have Connie on the Aureus Medical therapy team!

Nicole Karlen, RN (Med-Surg)

Nicole has been awarded the honor of being one of the Employees of the Quarter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. She is starting her ninth assignment with Aureus.   Her account manager says, “Every assignment we have worked together she has always been a delight to talk to.”  All of her past performance appraisals have been fours or fives and she’s been extended on multiple assignments. She is a huge Aureus advocate!  Over the course of the last several years, Nikki submitted 10 plus referrals and out of those referrals at least five have been placed on assignment.  Even the people that she referred now refer candidates!  She constantly gets recruiting calls asking her to switch agencies which she always tells them she is with Aureus. Nicole is a perfect example of a loyal Aureus traveler who continues to spread the word and create more good Aureus travelers!

Kathleen Leemhuis, RN (Med-Surg)

Kathleen has been awarded the honor of being one of the Employees of the Quarter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. She just started her twelfth assignment with Aureus Medical. A former account manager said, “While I’m not her current account manager, I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for two of those assignments! She is an absolute joy to work with and I looked forward to every phone call with her and even got the chance to meet her while she was on assignment with us in Phoenix. Kathleen has the best attitude of any nurse I have worked with in my 6+ years here.”

Despite a couple of pot holes in her road recently, Kathleen has traveled on – alone – in a huge RV! She has maintained professionalism, dependability, and a positive attitude through every situation. She has stayed loyal to Aureus and has had faith in our processes, not to mention she is extremely flexible and wonderful to work with! We feel she is more than deserving of this award. She’s truly a breath of fresh air to have on your desk!

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