Three Reasons to Become a Healthcare Traveler

By Bre Miller, Social Media Recruiter, Aureus Medical 

As a recruiter, I talk with hundreds of first-time travelers and those who are just starting to gather info on traveling, and I’m always asked the same question: What are the benefits of the healthcare travel life?

I’d sum it up as a “cream of the crop” experience, but it’s all going to be subjective to each individual traveler and what they personally enjoy. However, is that going to stop me from listing my top reasons for why you should become a healthcare nomad? Nope! So, here are my top three reasons to become a healthcare traveler:

First, let’s state the obvious, shall we? Travel!

In a typical full-time position, most employees can expect to have anywhere from two to four weeks paid time off per year, depending on that employee’s tenure. However, when you factor in all the unplanned days you may have to miss work, the time leftover to travel doesn’t seem like very much at all. As a healthcare traveler, you don’t have to worry about carefully calculating your hard-earned PTO to take a trip to your favorite states. No matter the season, you can easily explore your new (temporary) home on your days off during your three months on assignment! Plus, you can always work in a week or two off between assignments to extend your travel time.

Next: A change in facility!

It can be tempting to stay at the same hospital for multiple years on end when you’re in a full-time position. However, a change of facility can be so refreshing! It’s a safe bet to say that no two facilities are going to operate the exact same way, which can be a nice way to break up the monotony that can sometimes come with being a long-term employee. Plus, it’s a great way to pad your resume and pick up new skills from various facilities along the way.

Finally, you meet tons of new people!

A popular benefit of being a traveler is the opportunity you have to meet and network with new people on every contract. Not only will you be introduced to the full-time employees at the facilities you’ll work at, you’ll most likely be working with other travelers as well. Most of our travelers come out of an assignment with new friends, and sometimes even a travel buddy to take on their next contract with. And, making a friend in a new location just means you have a great reason to come back and visit in the future!

So, those are my favorite three reasons to become a healthcare traveler, but there are so many more reasons and it all depends on what you envision for the future of your career and life. Contact us at Aureus today to talk more about starting your life as a travel healthcare professional!

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