The Timeline for Finding a Travel Healthcare Contract

By Sadie Denker, Diagnostic Imaging & Nursing Recruiter, Aureus Medical

Deciding to start a travel career can come with a lot of questions and unknowns, but depending on how you look at it, that also means possibilities galore! You probably have questions like: How do I sign up with an agency? Where should I take my first contract? And when should I get started with the process?

Although every traveler and situation is unique, having a solid plan of attack can be very helpful to securing the travel healthcare jobs you want and, in turn, ensuring your success. To achieve that, we suggest that travelers use the following timeline as a guide.

Three Months Prior

Connect with us at Aureus Medical. Have initial conversations with a recruiter to discuss your preferences on location and shift. Learn more about the benefits the agency provides, like day-one insurance and a $600 loyalty bonus! Ask all the questions that are burning in your mind. Discuss next steps and start to create a travel plan.

Two Months Prior

If you haven’t already, submit your application and start to build your profile. Solidify your desired start date and set preferences on your profile for communication and locations. Your recruiter will walk you through the process of gathering references and helping you make sure you stand out among other candidates. We usually see travel positions two to six weeks before a facility’s desired start date, so having your profile ready to go will ensure that you see and hear about all opportunities that might appeal to you!

One Month Prior

During the month leading up to officially starting your travel career, there a few places you might find yourself. You may have already signed your next travel contract and be preparing accommodations for travel and housing, or you may still be interviewing. No matter where you land, the month leading up to the start of your travel contract is always the most exciting! Keep an open mind and continue to ask questions — we’re here to help you have a successful career.

Two Weeks Prior

Congratulations, you’ve successfully accepted your first travel healthcare contract! Once you’ve signed your contract, you’ll typically have two weeks or so before your start date at the new location. Use this time to solidify your accommodations and get excited for your next adventure.

If you use this timeline, you’ll only be more likely to set yourself up for success as a travel nurse or travel allied health professional. If you’re ready to get started or have questions, contact our team today. We’re always here to help you!

Sadie Denker, Diagnostic Imaging & Nursing Recruiter


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