TRAVEL HACK: Beat the Summer Rush!

I was taught at a very young age to always buy my summer clothes in the winter and my winter clothes in the summer. The clothes were cheaper and I was never worried that I wouldn’t find something that I loved! Everyone else would be trying to find winter clothes when I was shopping for summer clothes so it was a lot less competitive!  Now I am a recruiter and same logic goes with travelers that I work with. When summer starts, travelers start to look for the best summer destinations! Before they know it, they are battling for that one dream job with several other travelers.

I am going to bring you in on a travel hack: beat the summer rush by getting into your dream summer location now and extending your assignment through the hot months!  Here are 3 perks to accepting your dream summer travel assignment NOW!

Less competition for jobs

Simple logic! How many people do you think would want to go to the Northeast part of the United States in February and March when it is still freezing out? Now answer this – how many people do you think would want to go during the summer months? A whole lot more!

Just like with my clothes shopping analogy, by looking at locations now, you have more desirable locations to choose from. It also gives you a better chance to get your top choices while other travelers are still waiting.

Opportunity for better pay

Not everyone wants to go to cold places during the spring time! Most facilities recognize this and will creat competitive compensation packages to try to entice more travelers to be open to their area!  By being open to less desirable spring locations, this gives you a better opportunity to make more money.  

Finding desired housing before it fills up

How many times have you accepted a contract and then had trouble finding housing? If you go to highly sought after location, housing can be a pain to find. By having less competition, this opens up your housing options and gives you a better experience while on assignment. 

Location is a big priority in a lot of traveler’s job search!  I challenge you to work smarter so you are given the best chance to get that dream summer location. Write down a list of all your desired summer locations and give Aureus a call today. Happy traveling!

Travis Simonin is a Social Media Recruiter for the Nursing and Therapy divisions at Aureus Medical Group.

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