Speech Language Pathologist

Perks of Speech Language Pathologist Assignments

Speech Language Pathologist assignments come with a lot of perks! There are various options and locations to choose from no matter what setting interests you. Here are three reasons you should consider a travel SLP contract.

Broaden Experience

Aureus offers Speech Therapist contracts in a variety of settings, including schools! As a result, Speech Language Pathologists can increase their knowledge and skill level and create a versatile portfolio. It’s also a good way to experience different age groups and learn in a fast-paced environment. Finally, it will increase your professional development and can aid in future endeavors. This will make you a more marketable SLP!

Explore Different Locations

Travel therapy is a great way to enjoy a working vacation. Aureus staffs nationwide so there are a lot of destinations to experience! Typically, we become aware of contracts a couple months in advance so it is best to start  your search sooner  than later. For example, an SLP that wants a summer assignment between school years should start to look for a May/June contract in March/April. Open communication with your recruiter keeps you up to date on assignment locations in real time. This is the best strategy if you want a specific location.

Make Additional Money

One reason many people begin travel therapy is the opportunity for higher pay. Pay is based off the traveler’s experience and facility’s needs. With these in mind, you have the opportunity to make a great paycheck based on locations. One of the best ways to improve your marketability and increase the likelihood of a higher paycheck is to open your preferences. Open geo and open setting SLPs have the chance to learn about more locations and pay packages. This can result in exposure greater opportunities!

There you have it – three reasons a Speech Language Pathologist should consider travel therapy. Aureus would love to be a resource, so reach out with questions and to discuss travel therapy. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Harlee Sine is a Social Media Recruiter for the Therapy division at Aureus Medical Group.

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