Snuff Out the Cigarette

There are many reasons to quit smoking. As healthcare professionals, we know the most obvious reason is due to the harm it has on your health.  I felt compelled to write a blog on this subject because my coworker, Richard
Richard Kousgaard, Aureus Nursing
Richard Kousgaard, Aureus Nursing

Kousgaard, whom I have worked alongside for three years has finally kicked the habit. He quit smoking cold turkey two months ago and already has reaped the benefits in this short period of time. Richard  has seen his doctor and has found that he lowered his blood pressure, his cholesterol, and has lessened his chance for heart disease and stroke.  He has also become more active and has joined a gym near the office and goes almost daily.  He feels much more energized and healthy already. Another added benefit is that he, his car, and his apartment all smell better – less smokey. Richard pointed out that he can actually taste food the way it is supposed to taste.  He doesn’t have to put a lot of salt on everything since he has his taste back.  Richard is feeling great and is very happy with his new smoke free lifestyle. 

In response to health concerns, many businesses and entertainment venues have gone 100% smoke free. There are some employers that are even looking at taking a bigger step and aren’t going to employ smokers. Check out this link about a hospital that plans on doing this.

I know it is a huge challenge to kick the habit of smoking. Click here for a four-step plan to quit smoking featured on Good Morning America. Good luck!

Dan Beller, Team Lead, Aureus Nursing
Dan Beller, Team Lead, Aureus Nursing

Dan Beller has been with Aureus Medical Group for over five years. He is currently a Team Leader for the Great Lakes branch in the Nursing division. Dan is originally from Columbus, NE. He likes to describe himself as a “6′ 3”, 195 pound stud who can run fast, lift a lot of weight, and has an IQ through the roof.” However, he knows others may not exactly see him that way. He is also very happy to see Richard kick the habit and began to mold and shape himself into a healthy and fit individual.


  1. I am glad to see that Dan Beller took the time to acknowledge his co-workers accomplishment. Quitting smoking is a tough task and it is made easier when you have support.

  2. Richard…You rock. You know, chicks will be after you hard core now. Watch your back! And Dan…that is a fabulous description of you! I love it. take care guys, you’re the best.

  3. Congratulations Richard on your achievement to quit smoking…and Dan Beller I have seen you man who are you trying to kid! Go Duke!!! Keep up the good work Gentlemen. luv ya!!

  4. Richard, way to go! Dan, You know I totally respect you. You forgot to mention a few things, though. SMOKING is to blame for EVERYTHING. Do you know how many car accidents are caused by smoking? Do you have any idea the mind altering substance you are inhaling and forcing upon the innocent. Have you even considered if it weren’t for SMOKERS there woulndn’t be any cirrhosis of the liver, people being hit & killed by drunk drivers? Oh, Oh, Oh, wait a minute…I’ve got the wrong substance here…it’s ALCOHOL! I am soooooo sick of people against smokers. I’d much rather be with a smoker than an alcoholic. Alcohol is the cause of as many deaths as smoking. Given the fact the number 2 killers in the world are Heart Attacks, and accidents. (Have you ever heard of anyone smoking a cigarette then pulling a gun to their head because their mind was altered?” Just give me a break!!! I’m just saying if they ban cigarettes, along with it should be alcohol! I’m within normal limits of B/P, my pulmonary function tests are that of a non-smoker, I run 26.2 mile marathons, I work out, I eat healthy, and I keep my vehicle between the lines……Let’s see a drunk do that! Love Ya, but use your whole brain! Put your drink down and smoke a cigarette.

  5. Yeah you!!!! I’m proud! Felecia is right, the chicks will be all over you lol. Not only have you quit smoking but your getting buff as well. What more could a girl ask for, a mature man with a stable carreer a healthy body and a since of humor :0) GOOD LUCK with the women……..Look out Dan may get jeleous…

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