10 Things to Know if You Use an RV for Healthcare Travel

Healthcare travelers have options when it comes to housing while on assignment. Lately, more and more of the candidates I talk with are considering purchasing a 5th wheel for their living quarters. If you fall in this category, here are 10 of the most important things you need to know about RV traveling.

1.RV parks can have limitations. Ask about restrictions such as age limit for an RV, pets, and length of stay.

2. You’ll feel more at home wherever you’re on assignment because you’re able to take more of your belongings with you.

3. While you’re calling about space availability, talk with management about what is included in space rental and what the WiFi connection is going to be like.

4. There’s a high probability you’ll be limited to assignments located in the south during the winter months. Speaking to a recruiter can help you better understand how this will affect your job security while traveling.

5. RV maintenance and repair can be expensive. Have some savings built up for things that arise.

6. RV parks can be busy- especially during certain seasons and locations. Call around for availability before accepting an assignment.

7. Renting an RV space can be more expensive during peak travel seasons and winter months, something to know when factoring costs.

8. Assignments in big cities (i.e. Boston) will be difficult to be eligible for. This is because the nearest available RV park could be too great of a great distance from the facility.

9. Utilize Facebook groups and mobile apps to connect with other 5th wheel travelers. These are great tools to get park recommendations and to learn from other’s experiences.

10. If you’ve never owned an RV previously, expect there’s going to be a learning curve for driving, caring for, and living in one.

Traveling and living in a 5th wheel is just one option travelers have for housing. Do your research and talk to a recruiter before deciding which option is going to be best for you.

Let me know if you think I missed anything important in the comment below. Wishing you happy and safe travels!

Katie Lutmer is a Social Media Recruiter for the Cardio and Imaging divisions at Aureus Medical Group


  1. I have been living in a small 5th wheel for 5 years while traveling. We decided to go this route after using Aureus or hospital housing for several years. Having pets was a big factor, a few times it was difficult to find housing. And it is very nice to take your house with you on assignment! We have also done a lot of RV traveling between assignments and have never found an RV park that does not allow pets. In fact, most KOAs and many others have their own off leash dog parks! WiFi in most parks is very weak and unreliable so make other plans. We have never stayed in a park with the RV age limit mentioned but have heard of it in some exclusive parks. More often they have length restrictions so think small. There are many websites to help you find RV parks and other options such as fairgrounds, casinos, city parks, motels with RV hookups for rent. Finding a winter assignment does limit you somewhat but we are in Oregon this winter and spent the last 2 winters in Oklahoma. I would say you have about half of the country to choose from, except for the mountains. I don’t accept assignments in cities because we don’t want to visit them. Repair expenses are much more likely in a motor home so go with a used travel trailer or 5th wheel plus a pickup to pull it. All your RV questions can be answered by joining (free): RVillage.com where there is a group for traveling medical professionals and most members live full time in RVs, or are planning to.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that RV parks tend to have restriction so I have to review them before using one. Perhaps one day I can consult an RV park broker in order to acquire my own. This way I will be able to have somewhere to go to whenever I plan to go RV camping with friends.

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