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I have talked with seasoned travelers who have taken so many assignments, they don’t remember specific things from each contract position. With the hustle and bustle of traveling it can be easy to forget certain details from each and every assignment. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just starting to travel there are a few things from each assignment which you will want to remember for your resume. Below is a list of the items I believe are most important.

Name of the facility

You might be thinking, “I would never forget this!” but after taking a few assignments, it can become something that totally slips your mind. Along with the name of the facility, make sure you write down how big the facility was and anything else that might have stuck out to you about the facility.

Agency you worked with

This might seem obvious, but after a few assignments, it can get confusing who you worked for and where. Especially if you have taken assignments with multiple agencies. Along with the agency, be sure to keep a record of who your recruiter or account manager was for the assignment as well!

Skills you learned

Each and every assignment teaches you something new in your field. It is very beneficial to take note of specific skills you have learned to add to your resume.

Charting system used

Each facility uses different charting systems, so it can be hard to remember which charting system was used at each facility. Taking note of this is going to help you out in the long run by putting you above the competition!

Equipment used

Did you use any particular equipment on an assignment that you didn’t use on others? Take note of this as well! The more specific you can be on your resume, the better.

Dates on assignment

If you’re anything like me it can be hard to remember certain dates. After all, time flies when you’re having fun right? It is important to write down your assignment dates, both starting and ending, so you avoid any confusion down the road.

A manager from the facility that could be used as a reference

This is very important! Having good references is so important in the world of travel. Make sure you have a manager from each assignment that you can use as a positive reference. Write down their names and numbers so you don’t forget.

These are a few tips I have on things you don’t want to forget from each assignment! Travel assignments look great on a resume, but you want to make sure you include all the necessary details! Feel free to use this contract record log to help you keep track! Anything else you would add to this list? Comment below!

Katie Zimmerman is a Social Media Recruiter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group

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  1. I have worked in as a mobile phlebotomist for 18 years in the nursing homes.

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