Referrals: 5 Quick Ways to Make Extra Cash

“The greatest compliment you can give me is a referral.” So true and so relevant. 

There are so many hospitals needing employees to deliver exceptional care. The medical staffing industry is always looking for outstanding candidates to help hospital clients fill their travel and direct hire needs. The quickest way to find the next best candidate are referrals from YOU! 

It’s simple. Just provide their name and contact info to your recruiter and your work is done! Every agency is different but generally speaking, once that referral gets placed into a travel or direct hire position and works the required hours, you get paid.

I’m sure you are wondering who would be the best person to refer or asking where do you find referrals?  Here are five tips to help you out:

1) Who are the best employees you work with every day?

It’s simple – if they are a great employee and provide exceptional patient care, they are a perfect referral. They can be a traveler or they can be a permanent staff member looking for a change; referrals come from everywhere.

2) Who do you want to take a three month working vacation with?

You can get a two-bedroom condo on the beach or a downtown apartment and make memories, all while working a travel contract together.

3) Timing is everything for some people.

Don’t assume that if someone has a family or are happy in their current position, that they aren’t open to a change. They may be open to relocating for career advancement opportunities or may be able to travel during summer break. They also may not be able to travel but could know someone else who would be a great referral. Referrals are often times the best sources for more referrals.

4) Coming out of retirement, what?? 

Yes, you read that right. Many great referrals are actually retired from their permanent positions but continue to have that desire to work. They still have the itch and need to help patients so they come out of retirement and travel the nation. 13 weeks here, 13 weeks there, and take a few weeks or months off as they go!  It’s a great way to keep your skills sharp, enjoy retirement, and do what you love to do across the nation.

5) Share your stories.

Talk about your great travel experiences and relationships you have built with your recruiter, other travelers, and staff members. Many times, doing simply this, it can influence others to gain interest in our industry and the quickest way to get them information and a potential position is to refer them!

In closing, don’t over think it. Referrals are the people you work with side by side, every day. It’s a perfect compliment to your recruiter and agency and a great way to make a little extra cash along the way!

Jeff West is a Regional Manager for the Nursing division at Aureus Medical Group.

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