Questions Travel Nurses Should Ask in Interviews

By Travis Simonin, Social Media Medical Recruiter, Aureus Medical

When it comes to healthcare traveler interviews, most travelers focus their energy on how they will answer the facilities’ questions but not everyone considers the questions travel nurses should ask in interviews and prepares their own questions for the facility.

Due to the high demand for travel nurses, facilities nationwide are seeking skilled, talented healthcare candidates. You may have several options for where you can take an assignment, but finding a facility that will be a good fit for your needs is very important to ensuring you a successful assignment.

Remember, you are interviewing the facility as much as they are interviewing you! So, here are some Aureus Medical-approved ideas for questions you may want to prepare to ask when you land travel nurse job interviews:

  1. What are the main responsibilities and needs in this position?
  2. How long would you need a nurse for?
  3. What are the most common challenges that nurses in this unit encounter?
  4. What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?
  5. What is the patient population? The average census? The average length of stay? 
  6. What other medical professionals do nurses collaborate with on a day-to-day basis? (For example, doctors, physicians, physician assistants, IV team, secretary, CNAs, etc.)
  7. How many other travel nurses are working/have worked at this facility? In this unit? Have any travelers extended?
  8. What is the orientation process for travelers? How many days of orientation do I receive? How many precepted shifts?
  9. Is floating required? Will travelers always float first? Which units could a nurse float between when census is low?
  10. Is on-call required? How often?
  11. Is overtime available to pick up on a volunteer basis?
  12. Can nurses get shifts back to back? How far in advance is the schedule available?  How much notice is given for scheduling changes?
  13. What is the policy for breaks/lunch?
  14. What type of charting system is used?
  15. Will this assignment include requirements to act as a charge nurse?
  16. Does this assignment carry the possibility for an extension? 

One of the most common pieces of advice that travelers give to other travelers is that you need to interview the facility as much as they interview you. Be prepared and come with plenty of questions to make you feel at ease. What questions would you add? Comment below!

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