Organization for Travelers

As a healthcare traveler, you may be required to provide onboarding documents to your staffing agency every three months and the organization of this can be a very daunting task. Couple that with all the other items necessary to start a new contract!  How can you make your life easier? How can you organize paperwork to ensure you have everything you need when you need it? Below are a few things to remember and ways to keep you more organized.


Expiration dates can sneak up on you so keeping your licenses and certifications in a spreadsheet with expiration dates will help to ensure those dates never pass. This spreadsheet can also be used to track continuing education requirements for each license. Plan to renew licenses/certifications 30-60 days from their expiration to ensure plenty of time for processing. This also helps should you be required to obtain additional requirements.

Medical Records

Obtain all of your medical records from staffing agencies and clinics as you have pre-employment procedures completed. Having copies of these documents will help expedite the review of files and allow enough time to be set up for another procedure, should it be required.  Keep in mind that while you can keep drug screen records, most employers will require an updated drug screen. So, don’t plan on utilizing an old drug screen for a pre-employment requirement.

Other Documents

Having all of your other documents organized also helps to make your travel adventure more enjoyable. Car insurance, car registration, health insurance, vet records, and bank information are a few other examples of documents that should travel with you.  Sometimes even keeping these documents in an envelope will help to ensure they don’t get lost while in route.

Phone Apps

There are quite a few storage platforms available, so find one that works best for you. For example, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Other mobile apps like Cam Scanner will help to send documents to your Recruiter. Having these documents on your phone, or apps available to send documents to your company, will speed up the process for onboarding. 

Organization can be a challenge, but utilizing just a few techniques will keep you on track and prepared for credentialing requirements as they come up. Your Recruiter is another great resource, so use them!  Enjoy your travel adventure!

Lee Kortus is a Team Lead for the Cardiopulmonary division of Aureus Medical Group

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