Nurses Week 2022: The POWER of Nurses!

May 6-12th

At Aureus Medical Group, we look forward to Nurses Week each year because it’s a special time for all to celebrate the power of your care! Nurses are a strong force in the healthcare space, and it’s important to recognize the ripple effect of difference you make to patients, their families, and colleagues all around you.

Nurses Week is celebrated May 6-12th, and it’s 100% about you! We want to lift you up with our appreciation and recognize the hard work and energy you put in each and every day. This year, Aureus Medical Group is sending a special gift to current nurse travelers and giving away daily prizes on our social channels all week long! We’ve selected fivedynamic brands for prizes that we hope will help you stay powered on, energized, and fully charged each day.

Be sure to enter our Nurses Week prize giveaway, and watch our social channels throughout the week for more details on these awesome prizes: 

FRIDAY, May 6th 

SIX pairs of running shoes from On Running! These shoes are soft, sturdy, and supportive, made to help you conquer long days on your feet. 

MONDAY, May 9th

TWO Series 7 Apple Watches! One of these smartwatches will help keep you on the move and prepared to tackle whatever the day brings.

TUESDAY, May 10th

EIGHT Amazon Echo Dots! This powerful speaker will help make your life easier at home, so you can focus on resetting and recharging yourself.


FOUR Stevyn Duffle bags from Calpack Travel! Functional and durable for avid travelers, everyone will be asking where you got this stylish sidekick duffle.

THURSDAY, May 12th

THIRTY pairs of compression socks from Sockwell! These socks will help energize your step, so you can feel your best all day.

We are SO excited to celebrate our Aureus Medical Group nurses across the country. You are impacting patient care with undeniable purpose, power, and passion. We hope you take a minute or two to celebrate yourself and others while enjoying all that Nurses Week has to offer– you deserve it! Have a very happy Nurses Week!

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