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Interview Dress Code

Picture this: it is the day before your huge interview with the company of your dreams. You have prepared questions, done a mock interview, printed off your resume, all important things when heading into an interview. However, have you thought about your interview outfit? Is it wrinkle-free? Is it conservative? These both are things to consider when you are picking out that perfect outfit for an interview. Choosing what to wear, and how to look for an interview is HARD! I have this problem all the time. What is the organization’s dress code? Do you dress business casual or business professional? What accessories should I wear? These are all questions we ask ourselves or have thought of when preparing for an interview. To make your outfit and accessory decisions more natural and quicker, I am going to give you my personal tips, of how to dress for success!

Dress Formal

Determining what formal is can be stressful and exhausting. For starters, I recommend using neutral colors for the base of your outfit, such as, ivory, gray, navy, black, etc. Ladies should wear skirts that go below the knee, pantsuits, skirt suits, and closed-toe shoes. Men should wear a suit with matching pants and a suit jacket, a collared, button up shirt, a tie, a black belt, and dark dress shoes. I know what you are think, these outfit choices come off as drab and uncomfortable, but it never hurt to add a hint of your personality to your outfit, but remember to stay conservative!

Simple Accessories

Wearing flashy jewelry can distract your interviewer. You want the interviewer to focus on you and not the sparkle and volume of your earrings or necklace. For the ladies, simple earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, such as studs or pearls, are perfect for the occasion. If you have any body piercings, I recommend taking them out. For men, I would leave the jewelry and watches at home!

Makeup and Hair

Hair and makeup should be simple. Ladies, you should style your hair as simple as possible. For example, you can pull it back or put it in a sleek ponytail. For men, I recommend getting a nice haircut before an interview. Make sure your hair is out of your face, so your interviewer can see YOU! Also, keeping your hairstyle simple allows the interview to focus on you and not how distracting your hair is!

Make sure your outfit is wrinkle-free

Having a wrinkle-free outfit shows employers that you not only care about yourself, but the interview. Expressing that you care can tell an employer a lot about your character. Having wrinkle-free clothing will make you look fresh and ready to take on the challenge!

Do not drown yourself in cologne or perfume

Reeking of cologne or perfume can be distracting for the interviewer. You might think the smell of your cologne or perfume is lovely, but others might think it is a little too much.

These are the dress code tips I have learned throughout my own interview/job search process as well as speaking with professional role models of my own. I went into the basics of what to wear and how to look for an interview, but there are so many other helpful resources out there! However, if you find yourself having a hard time determining what to wear, let these tips guide you into designing that perfect job interview outfit. The way you dress and present yourself can make or break if you land a job or not. Make sure your choices highlight the responsible, trustworthy, and professional individual you are or aspire to be!  Good luck to you all who are in the process of interviewing! YOU CAN DO IT!

Brynn Charling is working as an intern for the Student Outreach team at Aureus Medical Group

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