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Frustrations on Social Media. Where’s the “Are You Sure” Button?

We’ve all had those days where everything goes wrong and I mean EV.ER.Y.THING.  We find ourselves counting down the minutes until it’s time to clock out for the day and head home.  Next thing you know, we’re on social media and letting it alllll out.  Do you know someone who does this? Of course you do…we all do.

In today’s world, it seems most people want the quickest and easiest route to solve problems – which leads to the easy access of social media.  Despite how wonderful social media can be, here are four reasons to think twice before spilling frustrations online for everyone to see. Keep reading and I will also offer alternative methods to feel better and/or seek advice for help.

Offended Friends

There are many of us who have “friended” our co-workers. If you have a sub-par day and vent about it online (whether you’re using specific names or not) your co-workers may see it and start additional drama around it – “Is he/she talking about me?”.  You may end up with an even bigger headache waiting for you at work the next day!

Your Boss Might Hear OR Read About it

Uh oh. I’ve witnessed in public and private groups, people complaining about their companysocial media and their boss – how horrible it is; he/she doesn’t know anything; it’s so unfair; I can’t believe I work for a company that does X,Y,Z, etc… and next thing you know, the boss comments, “Come see me tomorrow”.  You never know who is a member of a group or who might show your boss your post.  Remember managers, leaders, and executives are online too and may be reading your posts.

You Can’t Delete It

No one knows where it goes. The cloud? Although you press ‘delete’, posts or comments have a longer shelf life and can be searched for and re-surfaced. This isn’t good if you’re trying to get back in good graces.

Future Employers See it

If you’re seen venting online regularly and someone doesn’t know you or the history of your particular situation, do you think that leaves a good impression? Would you want to hire yourself after looking at your profile, comments, and posts? I can’t stress enough how your online presence is an extension of your resume.  Similar to the phrase “You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk”?

Now, I’m not suggesting that everything on social media needs to portray rainbows and butterflies. You can be real without being negative or offensive.  So what are alternative options?

  1. TALK to a specific person about your stresses, problems, and frustrations but also come with a solution you think might make it better. No friend wants to be your co-pilot while you drive the complain train around in circles.
  2. You can also get up and MOVE! Getting some fresh air or taking in a bit of exercise helps boost endorphins and helps give you a clear mind to reflect on the situation(s).
  3. My last tip would be to write about it (just not on social media). Keep a private word document or journal of your concerns or frustrations.  If you notice these issues becoming more frequent, you have a few good examples to bring forth to management and work together to correct them as you may not be the only one who feels that way.

Andrea McClure is the Social Media Recruitment Manager for Aureus Medical Group

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