Feeling Homesick on Assignment?

With the excitement of traveling, something not a lot of people discuss is the topic of being, or becoming, homesick while on assignment. Obviously this isn’t a fun thing to discuss, but it is something many people feel as they are traveling. People are usually incredibly excited and/or busy preparing for their assignment. They then make it to their assignment, explore the area for a while, and then what?

Once the newness of your exciting adventure settles in and the “honeymoon” phase wears off, homesickness can start to creep in. I wanted to suggest a few different tips that you can do to help with being homesick.

  1. Go out and explore and then explore some more. During your days off, try to find a new place to visit, even if it is a movie theater or a coffee shop. Whatever you can do to not sit and think about being away from home is going to help you in the long run!
  2. Pack different pictures of your loved ones and hang them up. Yes it can be hard to see your family & friends’ faces every day, but it will help to see their smiles.
  3. Along with number two, stay in touch with your close ones. But don’t constantly be communicating with them. It is important to have balance. Figure out what the right balance is for you.
  4. Meet new people. There are a lot of different apps where you can meet people. Even going out and exploring is going to help you meet new people as well. If you want specific apps, take a look at one of my team member’s recent blogs focused on just this!
  5. Start a journal and write three things you are thankful for or excited about every day of your assignment. Not only will this help you stay positive, but at the end of your assignment you will have a way to look at how much you have grown along the way!

Try to remember the big picture. You are exploring a part of the country you have more than likely never been to! You are also working in a facility where you will be able to learn multiple new things. If you can keep these things in mind it will help when you start to feel less homesick.  Homesickness is a real thing for a multitude of people. These suggestions might not work for everyone, but they are a starting point. Are there any other suggestions you would add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

Katie Zimmerman is a Social Media Recruiter for the Nursing division of Aureus Medical Group

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