Explore the City – Make the Most of Each Assignment!

Where are the top 10 places you have always wanted to visit? Why haven’t you gone? We all know vacations are expensive and we don’t have unlimited time off of work. But what if you could work and go on vacation at the same time! Travel healthcare is a great opportunity to do just that and to explore new areas of the United States!

What is travel healthcare? Travel healthcare professionals work on a contract basis for a healthcare staffing agency such as Aureus Medical Group. Most contract assignments are 13 weeks long. Some may be shorter and some offer you the option to extend your assignment even longer. While you are on assignment, we will be looking for your next assignment. You can go from assignment to assignment and work as a traveler full time. You are also able to take a break in between assignments if you want. You can just travel at certain times throughout the year while maintaining your permanent job back home. The possibilities are endless!

First things first! Let your recruiter or account manager at Aureus know where you want to go. Then once you get to your assignment, take time to find the hospital you are assigned to, your housing, the nearest grocery store, and gas station. I prefer to use Yelp. Customers are able to post comments and reviews on Yelp about different companies they have dealt with. Those companies are not able to remove or edit any of those comments/reviews. You can find honest, unedited information about different companies by using Yelp! You can download the Yelp application on your phone and have access to it anywhere you go. You can search companies in your area and read reviews from previous customers.

Now that you have taken care of all of the necessities, it’s time to have some fun! Are you brave and adventurous? Get out there on your own and explore the city! Do you prefer to have company? Become friends with other travelers at your facility. Chances are, they don’t know many people either and would love to have a friend to explore the city with!

There are endless possibilities in a new city – try new restaurants, check out local shopping, explore the outdoors, and find local tourist attractions. Start out by asking your local co-workers what they recommend. They know the city best, it’s their home!

There are also a variety of mobile apps and websites that can help you find local attractions. LocalEats is America’s premier local restaurant guide. TripAdvisor updates their website often with local attractions, restaurants, museums, and entertainment. You can look for local websites which are often very accurate and full of great information. Amazon Local Deals is a great way to find unique attractions and coupons to make it affordable. For other affordable options, look into GroupOn and LivingSocial! You can utilize TicketMaster for local entertainment such as concerts, sporting events, and craft shows.

Sign up for a travel healthcare career with Aureus Medical today and start checking places off of your travel bucket list!


Ellie Coleman started with Aureus Medical in 2014 as a Recruiter in the Nursing division. She became the Lead Inquiry Coordinator of the Nursing division shortly after. Ellie was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She loves to travel and see new places – her favorite vacation spot is Mexico! In her spare time, Ellie enjoys spending time with friends and family, trying new restaurants, and going to outdoor concerts during the summer time. In the winter, she hibernates and binge watches Netflix!

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