Listen Up: Dissecting the Healthcare Job Market

Are you curious about where the healthcare industry job market is going? Wondering what the outlook is for you as a nurse, therapist, tech, or allied health professional? Will there be enough nurses, for example, to meet the demand? It’s all need to know info as you look ahead in your career.

We have a podcast episode that answers these questions and more. Join us for Episode 11 of the Cardium podcast, “Dissecting the Healthcare Job Market”. Our hosts Sunny and Matt are joined by Amy Chang, Healthcare Analyst from Staffing Industry Analysts. Healthcare is her wheelhouse. Together, they talk all about where the industry is going, the aging population, and the next big things in healthcare.

Listen to Episode 11: Dissecting the Healthcare Job Market

Where is the Industry Going?

As a healthcare professional, you want to know where your field is headed and what the demand is going to be like going forward. Amy dives deep into the details during the podcast. She talks about what factors are impacting the availability of jobs – economy, Affordable Care Act, the aging population, and technology – and shares some interesting stats. She may not have a crystal ball but she presents a pretty clear picture of what’s ahead. 

Aging Population

As people age they tend to need more medical services and staff, thus there is a demand to meet. Skilled nursing is challenged with PDPM, and therapy, PDGM, which is disrupting the normalcy. These changes have pros and cons and are pushing our industry forward. Listen in to hear more about how they impact the industry, your modality, and why travel can be such a great opportunity to help out the aging population across the United States.

The Next Big Thing

Artificial Intelligence technology, robots, home healthcare, telemedicine, PDPM, and PDGM are all impacting the future of healthcare. Find out how AI technology can be used to get more people the type of healthcare they need when they need it. Robots can do some of the heavy lifting for nurses and PDPM and PDGM are bringing changes to how you work with patients. Amy discusses how technology is bringing healthcare and the patient together in ways that didn’t seem possible years ago. She also addresses some of the trepidations that healthcare professionals may have about these advancements when it comes to the job market in the future.

Episode 11 of the Cardium podcast brings a wealth of knowledge about the industry and where it’s headed. If you are looking at your future in the healthcare industry, whether you should go into the field or already are in the field and want to know more specifics, “Dissecting the Healthcare Job Market” is a must listen.

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