New Podcast for Travel Healthcare: CARDIUM

Want something interesting and worthwhile to pass the time when you’re in the car, on a break, or away from your shift? We’ve got the podcast for you!

cardium logoWe’re excited to announce CARDIUM, a new podcast from Aureus Medical especially for traveling healthcare professionals!  Hosted by Matt Neel and Sunny Snook, we cover topics that relate to you and the travel experience, from how-tos and first-hand perspectives from travelers to episodes that are uplifting and keep you going. We get to the heart of travel healthcare with content that informs, impacts, and inspires. We can’t wait for you to give us a listen.

What you’ll hear on CARDIUM.

We want to offer up what’s meaningful to you as a healthcare professional and what you want to hear more about. Our content is in your wheelhouse. Our hosts Sunny and Matt talk with subject matter experts on a variety of topics, including travelers who’ve been there, offer road-tested advice, and bring compelling stories to share.

cardium Annie interviewIn our first episodes, we talk to travelers (two long-time and one new) about their experiences and what motivates them. In the second, we talk about how to handle difficult situations while on a travel assignment (an episode packed with must-know info.)  Future episodes dive into traveling as a pair, mental health & self-care while on assignment, first time traveler 101, the PT Compact, and much more.

The “Why” moment.

Content is where it’s at with CARDIUM. And a piece of it is the “Why” at the end of our episodes. The “Why” is what fuels us and what we come back to as our purpose for what we do. We know travelers and all healthcare professionals each have their own unique “Why” and we’re highlighting them on CARDIUM.  Sure, it’s a feel good moment but one you won’t want to miss.

Cardium traveler interviewWho is CARDIUM for?

You! CARDIUM is ideal for anyone practicing in the healthcare field. We get to the heart of topics that apply to those who travel and also those exploring travel, too. Much of our content is applicable to any healthcare professional.  So if you practice in nursing, as a therapist, tech, or in any allied health field, you’ll get something out of it, we promise. And we hope you’ll come back for each episode. It’s your podcast space. That’s why we created CARDIUM. It’s for you.

Where to find CARDIUM.

We’re where you listen. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,  GooglePlay, TuneIn, YouTube, and more! And the CARDIUM website is always a great place to go for episodes, show notes, and to share feedback and ideas for future episodes. We want to hear from you.

Be sure to Like and Follow CARDIUM on Facebook and Instagram, too!

Why the name “cardium”?

We’re all in healthcare here. So we know that “cardium” refers to tissue surrounding the heart. Think of the podcast as getting to the heart of it and supporting you as a traveler.  That’s really it, in a nutshell. Plus, we think it’s a cool name.

How often will you release new episodes?

We launched CARDIUM on September 4 and will release new episodes every other Wednesday. In the case of a major holiday or special circumstance, we’ll let you know if we’re adjusting our release schedule. The most important thing is to subscribe wherever you listen so you don’t miss an episode!

Have questions or comments about our podcast? What topics would be important, useful, and inspiring to you?  Visit our website and reach out directly to our hosts Sunny & Matt and our CARDIUM team!

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