Top Iowa Festivals

When you think of adventurous summer travel assignments, Iowa may not be the first state that comes to mind. However, the summer months are packed with music and art festivals, food and drink gatherings, fairs, and much more!

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Traveling To and From Your Assignment: Podcasts

Depending on the location of your next travel assignment, you may be in for a long drive or flight. Many healthcare travelers prepare for these ventures by loading up on eBooks, making a playlist of their favorite songs, or a combination of the two. Another alternative to keep your mind off of your long travel is podcasts.

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Resume Must-Haves

I have talked with seasoned travelers who have taken so many assignments, they don’t remember specific things from each contract position. With the hustle and bustle of traveling it can be easy to forget certain details from each and every assignment.

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Feeling Homesick on Assignment?

With the excitement of traveling, something not a lot of people discuss is the topic of being, or becoming, homesick while on assignment. Obviously this isn’t a fun thing to discuss, but it is something many people feel as they are traveling.

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