National Traveler-Friendly Companies

Travel assignments can take you all over the country, allowing you to be engulfed in new cultures, new communities, and partake in new experiences. However, just because you may take yourself to a new place every few months – does not mean that your entire life needs to uproot every time.

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The Hidden Gem of the Midwest

Kansas. The Sunflower State. The heart of the Midwest. What’s not to love? To some travel healthcare professionals, Kansas may not be on the top of their list for possible destinations. However, the great state of Kansas has much to offer both current and future travelers.

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respiratory licenses

5 Important Respiratory Licenses

Respiratory travelers need to be aware of the impact state licenses have on their ability to find and maintain steady contract work. Given the seasonality factor of respiratory jobs and because some states have a higher volume of respiratory assignment openings than others, we suggest obtaining state respiratory licenses from each region in the US.

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Travel Therapy: PDGM

Beginning on January 1st, 2020, the new Home Healthcare Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) will be going into effect. Many travel therapists are interested in learning not only the changes that will be going into action, but also how this will change the market.

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