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September is National Preparedness month and only a small percentage of American’s are actually prepared. As a traveler, you should always be ready for anything no matter where your assignment takes you. It is important to find out a little bit about the area you will be staying in and what types of weather may occur.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get prepared:

  • Get a kit of emergency supplies and take it with you or stock up on them when you arrive. Examples of things to keep in your kit are bottled water, blankets, a radio with extra batteries, a flashlight with extra batteries, non-perishable food items, important documents (driver’s license, birth certificates, passports, nursing licenses, etc), a first aid kit, and extra cash.
  • Make a plan for fires. You should know at least two exits out of every room and don’t use an elevator as your escape route.
  • Be informed and always know how weather alerts are communicated in your area and what to do for each type. Find out where storm shelters are in relation to where you are staying.
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts in your phone and keep it handy. When there is an emergency, people usually just run for cover which is not necessarily a bad idea in certain circumstances. But keep in mind that you are miles and miles away from your family and if they see or hear something about your area on TV, they are going to be extremely worried and will want to contact you. It is a good idea to keep vital things like cell phones and purses close to the door in case of a quick exit. This will allow you to check in and let everyone know you are safe.

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  1. Good article. It took me a couple contracts before I had this list of “must haves” memorized. Good thing there has been a Super Walmart near each assignment :).

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