Traveler Spotlight: Norma A.

A common theme that I have seen with travelers is that everyone flocks to the coastal cities. I get it! It sounds wonderful to be by the ocean and there are some traveling assignments where you are close to a beach! I am sure if you are looking to go to a coastal city, the Midwest is at the bottom of your priority list. But, I would strongly ask you to reconsider because there are hidden treasures in the Midwest! I sat down with a traveler who would agree with that statement! Norma, a North Carolina native, chose to travel to the Midwest and she has not looked back! Check out our traveler spotlight conversation about her travel career so far!

So Norma, I am sure you get asked this a lot but, what is your favorite thing about travel nursing?

Seeing all of the beautiful places in the U.S. & meeting new people.

I can imagine! Remind me, how long have you been a traveling nurse for?

I’ve traveled in North Carolina for four years and out of North Carolina for four and a half years.

What a career so far! Where has your favorite assignment been?

Imperial, Nebraska. Love it! Love it!

How long have you been traveling with Aureus Medical?

I started working with Aureus in January 2017. I have worked several assignments in Imperial and Cambridge, Nebraska.

What is your favorite thing about traveling with Aureus Medical?

Aureus is just great. They check on me often and they treat me like a person and not a number. I’ve met my recruiter and both of my account managers, and I just love them. I am so thankful for Aureus. I smile every day I go to work and I smile every day that I leave work. God opened the best window for me when I started working for Aureus.

Thanks, Norma, for participating in our traveler spotlight!

Coastal cities are a hot commodity in the travel world. Travelers flock towards the coasts in almost every season of the year but Norma took the leap and came to the Midwest to experience other parts of the country! By taking the leap, she has built lifelong friendships and has found a second home in Nebraska. What is stopping you from taking the leap and experiencing the Midwest? Facilities are now accepting travelers with 1+ years of experience! Do you have an itch to start your travel career?

If you do have an itch to travel, let’s start talking about the Midwest! Give Aureus Medical a call today.

Travis Simonin is a Social Media Recruiter for Aureus Medical Group

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