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Travel Healthcare Employees of the Quarter

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Aureus Medical is happy to announce its travel healthcare Travel Employees of the Quarter. Employees are nominated by their Account Managers each quarter. The winners will then be included in the Employee of the Year nominations. Congratulations to all!

Kathleen “Kathy” Kadereit, Respiratory Therapist

Kathleen has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Cardiopulmonary and Allied Health Division of Aureus Medical Group. Kathy has been on assignment with Aureus since October of 2014 and is currently on her ninth assignment. She is truly an amazing Respiratory Therapist, proven by her many outstanding performance evaluations completed by her managers. One of her managers said, “Kathy is a perfect fit for our department. She was professional, conscientious, and worked well with our staff and the patients. I would have her again without any hesitation.” Her average evaluation score is a perfect 5 across the board. She is very flexible and always willing to help out. Kathy is truly an asset to Aureus!

Victoria Blizzard, Sonographer

Victoria has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Diagnostic Imaging Division of Aureus Medical Group. Victoria has completed nine assignments with Aureus and continuously asked to return to previous facilities where she has completed contracts. She has a positive attitude and is one of the hardest workers we have come across. When faced with hardships or difficulties on an assignment, Victoria always perseveres and manages to push forward without any complaints. She is a dedicated and loyal traveler of Aureus Medical. Her account manager says, “I have personally come to know Victoria from her completing fiveof her nine assignments with me and would recommend her to any future positions. Victoria is more than deserving of this recognition!”

Deena Staley, Medical Laboratory Technician

Deena has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Medical Laboratory Division of Aureus Medical Group. Deena has worked with Aureus exclusively for almost three years and has completed seven assignments as scheduled. She is so laid back and kind to every person she encounters. Her account manager said, “I had the pleasure of meeting Deena in person and she is so cool, did you know she wears overalls every day?! She is incredibly thoughtful too…she saw a pink frilly candle and said “that’s so Karoline” and sent it to me on my birthday. And the clients love her too!” Deena has all positive evaluations. She sticks to her commitments and always follows through. Overall, Deena is an excellent representation of Aureus Medical and we are proud to have her on our team.

Patrick O’Leary, Speech Language Pathologist

Patrick has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Rehabilitation Therapy Division of Aureus Medical Group. Patrick has completed more than 10 successful travel assignments with Aureus dating back to 2015! He has worked all over the country – in MA, RI, TX, OR, CA, and AZ and worked with multiple account managers. He has received stellar reviews from many of his assignments. His directors describe him as having discipline, a zest for learning, and motivation to succeed. Patrick is a wonderful traveler and we are so thankful to have him on the Aureus team!

Brittany Phoenix, RN (Med-Surg)

Brittany has been awarded the honor of being one of the Employees of the Quarter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. Brittany is on her eighth assignment with Aureus. She has always received great evals from all facilities and they are always happy to have her back with open arms. She is incredibly professional when it comes to working with account managers as well as patients on assignment. Her account manager said, “In all the time I have worked with Brittany I have never once heard her complain about anything – whether it’s compliance, insurance, or a start date getting pushed, she is ALWAYS understanding and just makes it work. She is truly a breath of fresh air to work with and whenever she goes to a new territory I start counting down the days until I get her back on my desk!”

A previous account manager also said, “I have had the opportunity to work with Brittany for two seasonal Florida assignments. She picks up the overtime not because she doesn’t want to go to the beach with her family and friends, but because she knows the hospital and her patients need her and that is what she is there for. Any issues that arise, Brittany comes with a “What can I do to solve this” attitude and I think that is something everyone can learn and benefit from. Brittany is an extremely loyal traveler to Aureus and the many account managers that have had the pleasure of working with her and I am always so excited to have her return to Florida during the winter months!”

Heather Suchocki, RN (L&D)

Heather has been awarded the honor of being one of the Employees of the Quarter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. Heather just accepted her tenth contract with Aureus and is always a pleasure to work with. Many account managers here know Heather or have worked with her through the years as she travels. Her communication is impeccable and she always sets expectations with each account manager. Heather loves to travel with her husband and her son and see new parts of the country in their RV. She is always sharing her campground locations with us to pass on to future travelers. She takes meticulous notes after every interview so we can use that information to arm future travelers. Most notably, Heather is probably the most loyal traveler. She always reminds us she is not going anywhere and loves the partnership she has with Aureus. We would confidently send Heather to our best clients and know she would make a great impression for us. She is an excellent nurse and we are so lucky to have her!

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