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Looking to travel but don’t want to lose your leadership skills, title, or compensation? Travel as a Nurse Leader! Contract or Interim RN Supervisors, Managers, and Directors are needed in every corner of the country these days. Whether it is your first time hearing about traveling as an option or your 17th assignment, Aureus has a branch that is completely devoted to working with Nurse Leaders. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, here are some top tips from the team!


The more open you are, the more options you will have. With interim nursing leadership, positions come and go very quickly because there are several candidates looking for the same jobs. If you are open to exploring multiple locations, your chances of landing a contract as quickly as possible increase. Be proactive with your profile. If you are open to moving forward, put in the simple work of creating your profile. It is so much easier to be considered when the perfect position does open up when you have all that you need ready to go.


Our team, like many others, staffs all types of hospitals: critical access to 25-bed facilities to 1000+bed trauma level one medical centers. Each position will have a different scope and a different compensation level. We will be up front and honest with you if a facility has the budget to fly you home every other weekend with two travel days. On the flip side, we will let you know if they can only provide you with one flight home during the assignment. Although traveling while on assignment is a perk, this is becoming more and more difficult to find. Be up front with your Account Manager on your pay expectations and whether or not you will/will not consider contracts without travel. They do not want to waste your time with a position you would never consider.


Communication is the key in so many things in life, but it is especially important when you are trying to find and work in an interim contracted position. By no means are we trying to learn about your entire life story, but our goal is to help you find the best position for you! Communication goes a long way from the first conversation to the interview, offer, compliance, the first day, while you are on assignment, etc. Our team prides ourselves on weekly to bi-weekly check-ins. We are your sounding board while you are on assignment and of course…we love to celebrate your victories with you!


Even if you feel like you rocked the interview, do not put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Utilize two to three companies that you trust to help you secure the best position. Make sure your Account Manager/Recruiter is up front with you about everything they can be. Additionally, question the facility during the interview about expectations in the position. You need to try to figure out where everything stands in order to fully assess what needs to be done and what priorities are as a contracted employee. There is no guarantee that what they told you is actually what is going on.


When walking into an assignment, it’s important to assess everything. The facility has you there for a reason; they want you to make an impact and try to improve what they are struggling with at that time. Trust your skills and have fun. Interim leadership is a very tough job, but it can be one of the most rewarding in the end.

I hope these tips have helped! If you have additional questions or want to start traveling as a nurse leader, call Aureus’ Leadership Branch to talk with someone today.

Nikita Zach is a Team Lead for the Nursing Leadership branch of Aureus Medical Group.

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  1. I am interested in this type of work. I would love to send you my resume to see if you think I would be a good fit for one of these positions.

    Thank you.

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