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The Perfect Resume

Did you know Aureus Medical has an entire team dedicated to creating the perfect travel resume for you? It’s true! The team is made up of experts that compile your experience and other qualifications into one concise resume. This allows Aureus to streamline the process to get your profile sent to our clients, insuring that the resume is easy to read and identifies Aureus as the contact.

Before our team here at Aureus can create a resume for you, you must have an updated resume that you can send to your recruiter to include in your candidate profile. By having an updated resume ready to go, you are encouraging an expedited hiring process. This means you have the opportunity to be submitted to the facilities of your choice BEFORE the other applicants applying for the position.

There are three major sections that should be included in any good travel nurse resume. These are licenses/certifications, education, and professional experience. Let’s take a closer look into each one!

Licenses and Certifications
  • Make sure to include all licenses, certifications, or other credentials.
  • Include the certification number and expiration dates of each.

You worked hard and paid a lot of money for your education, so be sure to highlight your accomplishments! Include the following information:

  • Complete school name
  • Location: city and state
  • All degrees or certifications earned
  • Major
  • Start date and end date: months and year
Work History

It is best practice to include at least the last seven years of your employment history. Be specific. Each facility is different so it is important to include all of the details to show your experience off to potential hiring managers. Include the following information:

  • Start and end date: month and year
  • Complete name of facility or hospital
  • Location: city and state
  • Job title
  • Setting: bed size, trauma level, teaching facility (if applicable)
  • Patient population & patient ratios
  • Software system used

If your work history includes previous travel assignments, include what company you traveled with.

Some other important tips are:

  • Keep it simple. It’s easy to get carried away making your resume unique using fun fonts and formatting but this could actually be a disadvantage.
  • Use traditional formatting and fonts including Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Use bullet points, but keep them consistent.
  • Refrain from adding images, symbols, text boxes, or tables.
  • Always avoid color; keep it black and white.
Review and Submit

You do not want all of the time and effort you invested into your resume to be discredited due to a spelling error. Check it once, check it twice, go back and check your spelling and grammar at least three times! Then take your resume to a friend or coworker to look it over for a fresh perspective. You also may want to try using an online spelling and grammar checking service such as

You’ve just completed your perfect travel healthcare resume. The next step is to send your resume to your Aureus recruiter and you are one step closer to landing your dream assignment!

Mikayla Bankson is a Social Media Recruiter for the Nursing division of Aureus Medical Group

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