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One Thing Many Interviewers Look For That Most Candidates Forget

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One of the most powerful but often overlooked components of the interview process is a simple thank you letter. Unfortunately, after the completion of most interviews, this thoughtful gesture is neglected.

Since many interviews are conducted over the phone, especially those for prospective travelers, writing a thank you note may seem unnecessary and of little value. However, no matter if the interview takes place by phone or in person, it is always a good idea to send a thank you note after you interview for any job.

These notes may be handwritten or sent via email to the person or hiring committee who you interviewed with. If more than one person interviewed you, it is a good idea to send a personalized thank you letter to each of them.

Writing a thank you letter is a valuable opportunity to remind those who interviewed you why you are a strong candidate for the position. Think of a thank you note as another version of a cover letter or the last component of a portfolio.

Use the letter as your own personal “selling tool.” By tailoring the letter to address your specific skills and qualifications, clarify any potential concerns, and solidify any memorable topics of conversation, you will put yourself at an advantage. You will also ensure the hiring committee has you at the top of their minds when they ultimately fill the position from their pool of candidates.

Further, a personalized message is a thoughtful addition to your application if the interview took place by phone, as it signals your strong interest and commitment to the interviewers.

Sample thank you letter

A sample thank you letter template is provided below:

Dear Dr./Mr./Mrs. Last Name:

  • Offer thanks for taking the time to speak with you over the phone for the position
  • Reiterate your background experience and how it complements the positon well
  • Briefly specify areas where you can contribute to the role and what makes you stand out as a candidate
  • Reference a specific talking point you addressed in your interview and briefly elaborate on it, perhaps something about the culture of the work environment or an interesting fact related to the position
  • Communicate how you can add value to the positon, work environment, and company culture
  • Re-emphasize your gratitude for being considered for the position. Convey your enthusiasm and optimism sincerely, as the company is looking for someone who is truly interested and eager for the opportunity to have the position.



Your name, title, and contact information

Do you prefer to write a handwritten or emailed thank you letter? Why? Let us know your thoughts below!

Kelsey Rodis was a sales and recruiting intern with Aureus Medical in the Skilled Nursing division. She is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and will graduate May 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Biology. She is an active member of the Tri Delta sorority, serves as a certified Gallup Strengths Coach in the College of Business, gives campus tours to prospective students and volunteers with the TeamMates mentoring program.

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