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Time Cards and VMS

I know this isn’t the sexiest topic in the traveling world, however, it is a good one. Time cards are often the topic of conversation with my employees and clients. With many of our clients using third party vendors, it can sometimes be confusing. Here are some of the most common questions that I hear on a weekly basis:

Do I need to fill out the Aureus online time card and fill out the facility’s time card also?
The answer is more and more commonly “yes”. The client facility likely has a local time keeping system (Kronos for example) that you will need to enter on a day to day basis on the hospital’s system. The client facility uses this internal system as a check and balance for the Aureus time card for billing purposes. In every case, you will need to complete an Aureus online time card in order to be paid.

Do I need to send a printed and signed time card to Aureus each week?
That is also a possibility. Some client facilities use the printed and signed time cards with a manager’s signature and the employee’s signature to verify the hours are approved.

Are holidays paid at Aureus and what times are covered during the holiday?
Holidays are covered with time and a half of the base pay rate for each hour worked on a holiday. Holiday hours are normally defined as the actual day of the holiday from midnight to midnight of that day. Some hospital contracts pay differently, as some may include the eve of the holiday while others may only pay for certain hours.

When do I get paid and how?
Aureus pays every Friday by direct deposit. The first week of your assignment will be paid the second Friday and then every Friday after that.

What do I do if I forget to enter the hours on the Aureus online time card?
Always identify it with your Aureus Account Manager as quickly as possible by email/call/text message. If you can, email the date of the missed time, hours worked, and include the lunch times in and out.

Does the Aureus online time card system automatically take lunch times out?
No, it doesn’t. Please be sure to enter them into the time card. If the client doesn’t pay for lunches worked, then they have to be entered correctly.

As always, please speak to your Account Manger about nuances in every contract. Every client facility is a little different and making assumptions about time cards and payroll can be costly.

Happy traveling!

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