Were your boots made for walking?

How do nurses, doctors, physical therapists, or other healthcare professionals stay on their feet all day long for 12 hour shifts without having their feet throb? It’s no secret that those who work in the healthcare industry work demanding schedules that consist of long hours taking care of patients and constantly being on their feet. So what makes a great shoe for them?

I did some “sole searching” and took note of several key parts to a great walking shoe: weight and comfort, support and stability, and slip resistance.

Weight and comfort: I’m all for having a fashionable shoe. But let’s be serious, those can be so uncomfortable and heavy!  We don’t have time for that! Heavy or uncomfortable shoes can have a negative impact on your performance and can cause leg cramps, feet swelling, or plantar fasciitis. Having a comfortable and lightweight shoe that can withstand long hours of standing and walking (or sometimes running) will definitely help.

Support and stability: Since you’ll be working long hours it is critical that you have good arch and ankle support. Wearing a flat bottomed shoe can cause foot, back, and knee/leg pain if worn for extensive amounts of time.

Slip resistant: This might be a no-brainer but looking for slip resistant shoes should be #1 on your list of “most important” in a shoe. Your environment within a facility is filled with (potential) liquid and spills. We need you to be safe and eliminate the chances of you getting hurt while helping others.

Aside from sharing these three common factors when considering the perfect shoe, I also did a little research to see what shoes were considered to be 4 stars or higher for healthcare professionals that seem to fit in these categories: Skechers, Dansko, Reebok, and Alegria.

What shoe fits you? What other recommendations do you have to help with long hours on your feet?

Andrea McClure is the Social Media Recruitment Manager for the Aureus Medical Social Media Recruitment Team.

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